7 Signs of a Really Annoying Person on the Internet

You have probably noticed that the photos and posts that some of your online friends upload can be so annoying that you want to avoid them in real life. And most of the time, you don't even understand why it's all so annoying.

In fact, this is because there is some etiquette in social media too. So Bright Side decided to pay some attention to this problem.

People are most annoyed when we:

  1. Post something that only our mother would be interested in (and maybe not even her). Knowing that it was your first time visiting the gym in a while or that your child has learned to sit up is not interesting to anyone. Sad but true. The world is not going to end if nobody knows which milkshake you had today.
  2. Get mysterious. Another way to make your internet friends want to cringe is to give the impression that something important happened or to post something unclear without any comment. For example: "I was just a step away from my dream, but the Universe said, 'No.' "
  3. Make something personal public. You have probably seen on someone's wall something like "Jess, that was a really cool party yesterday!" A person who posts something like this might be thinking that they are very communicative and that they have a lot of friends. Oops. You can use personal chats for that.
  4. Post a bunch of identical photographs. We are pretty sure such people should be legally punished.
  1. Start obviously showing off. We are talking about posts that are supposed to make your subscribers jealous of how good your life is. Photos of your plane tickets, a selfie in front of your soul mate's ideal body, or maybe a Dior perfume that is "accidentally" in the photo.
  2. Start showing off, but not obviously. When you are showing off and not hiding it, it's more or less OK: people are used to this. The worst thing is when people show off and try to make it look like they are complaining or asking an innocent question. For example: "Oh, I've tried on all the clothes in this store! I'm so tired! Big breasts and a thin waist are such a punishment. I bought nothing!" Or: "Guys, does anyone know where I can have my iPhone X fixed? The price doesn't matter." Don't do this. Everyone knows exactly why people post such things.
  3. Share too many jokes and quotes. This is how the internet works: new and smart quotes spread very quickly. If you share one, there is a good chance that half of your friends have seen it already and the other half will just keep scrolling through their feed.

So what should we post?

  • Before you post another photograph, ask yourself these questions: If you had a real photo album (like the ones your parents have), would you put the photo there? Or would you print the photo and sell it for a profit? If the answer is "no," don't post such a photo. Or post it on Stories — social media sites often have this feature. You should share only the best stuff.
  • If you feel that you simply can't resist posting hundreds of pictures of your dog, simply register a separate account, and then add friends who love dogs as much as you do. Or create a blog about dogs. The same goes for children. Your Facebook followers will probably not appreciate the recipes for children's meals, but some certain people will. So find them.
  • Instead of simply posting a photo of a building, write about what the building is and what it is famous for. If you don't really know these facts, just say something emotional. This will give you positive feedback from your friends. Be as brief as possible.
  • Ideally, a good post should have a positive goal: something useful, beautiful, or funny. Simply showing how smart/rich/good-looking you are is not cool.
  • Remembering this, share only the coolest pictures, your personal experiences, and anything that may interest not just you but also other people.

Are there any other things that annoy you online? Tell us in the comment section!

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