8 Rules That Silly People Follow

It's very common for people to do something and later realize that it was really stupid. Bright Side wants to reduce the number of unpleasant episodes in your life by telling you about 8 character habits that smart people avoid.

Remember that being stupid differs from looking stupid. Clever people pay no attention to this. You'll also find bonus advice: what to do if you still did something stupid.

8. Be categorical.

One of the features of intelligence is that you see things from different sides and don't exclude that you may be wrong. But if someone is too categorical and rejects other views they're probably not smart enough. Charles Darwin said, "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."

Scientists did some research and proved that the less people know, the more confident they become. This phenomenon is called the Dunning–Kruger effect.

7. Prove your point every single time.

This rule is a result of the previous one. If a smart person admits that they might be wrong, they won't go all out just to prove they're right. And here's why:

  • It takes time and effort.
  • It annoys people.
  • It prevents one from hearing other people's opinion and limits one's worldview.

6. Bear your disappointment.

If you can't stop being mad at a person, you can't and don't want to analyze the situation because:

  • Your opponent's actions might have been unintentional, so your anger is pointless.
  • Your opponent's aim may have been to hurt you. Do you really need to respond to provocations?
  • A person who hurt you isn't worth your attention. All you need to do is just stop talking to them.

You can deal with such situations only if you evaluate them correctly. You'll definitely fail if you are angry with someone.

5. Deal with aggression with the help of aggression.

The research group of the University of Michigan discovered that IQ level is tightly connected with aggressiveness. The more aggressive a person is, the lower their IQ level. Scientists note that a low level of intelligence causes a propensity for aggression at an early age, and the situation changes in the future: the destructive behavior doesn't allow the intelligence to grow.

4. Give up if you fail.

Of course, we may say that failure makes us better – we become stronger, we try to find alternative variants, and so on. But real peoples' examples are more convincing.

In the above letter, a recording studio manager writes to tell Madonna that she is just a beginner. Later, when a contract was already signed, more than 10 million copies of the album were sold all over the world. Do you want one more example? Joanne Rowling received 14 rejections before her book Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was published.

3. Listen to others' opinions.

It's believed that people who appreciate others' views are extremely shy and humble. But these people often think that the world revolves around them and they are the center of attention.

Everyone has their own concerns. If they care about what you are wearing now, they won't care in a minute. If they don't, they're ready to spend their life discussing your affairs. Do such opinions really matter? That's why smart people are guided by their own thoughts and views. And legal requirements.

2. Seek perfection.

You should only follow your dreams and happiness, and these have nothing in common with perfection. Nothing is ideal in the world. That's why such aims are abstract and obscure. What is more, an overwhelming interest in perfectionism leads to depression. Do normal people tend to hurt themselves?

1. Try to impress people around.

Smart people always understand when someone wants to make an impression by pretending to be clever or with the help of a gadget. And they really impress...but with their silliness.

Of course, there is nothing bad about the fact that you bought the iPhone 8 because it was really useful and you couldn't imagine your life without the face recognition function. But if someone sacrifices a lot to get this device (a bank loan counts too) just to impress their friends...what can be said about their intelligence?

Bonus: One more trait of a silly person is that they get hung up on their previous mistakes.

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