8 Tattoos With Incredibly Sentimental Backstories

People love to decorate their bodies with ink pictures: tattoos. This has been a practice since the dawn of ages. Some tattoos may only represent a beautiful picture, but others have a deep meaning behind them.

We at Bright Side made a list of 8 people who got tattoos and have a story to tell about each one of them. Even celebrities have sentimental stories behind their tattoos. Check out Angelina Jolie's famous shoulder tattoo!

8. Remembering a child you will never raise

Losing a child is a deeply sad event, and losing an unborn child is just as devastating.

Little Nathan's mom never thought she wouldn't hear his laugh or see him learning to walk or speak. Alas, Nathan was stillborn at 16 weeks. After the grieving period ended, his mom chose to commemorate him by getting a tattoo of his tiny footprints.

7. Telling your son that you're with him in this fight

When Josh Marshall's son Gabriel was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma cancer, all he could think of was how to support his son through these hard times. Gabe had a big scar after his surgery, so his dad decided to get a matching scar-tattoo to show his son that he is always there for him.

6. Showing your daughter that she is beautiful

Honey-Rae, the daughter of Tanya and Adam Phillips from England, has a rare birthmark coming up from her toes to her upper body. It's pink and very visible. Knowing how cruel this world is for people with differences, be it a birthmark or any other type of physical distinction from the majority, her parents decided to get matching tattoos of Honey-Rae's birthmark. They wanted to show her that she is beautiful no matter what.

5. A tribute to a son you've lost

There are times when a newborn suddenly dies. This is called SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). When this happens, parents find different ways to deal with the grief. This father, whose son passed from SIDS, had his little boy's laugh soundwave tattooed on his chest. A beautiful way to remember.

4. Matching hearing devices

The dad pictured above knew how to support his daughter in her struggle to be accepted by society. He simply got her hearing aid device tattooed on his head. The love of a father has no limits.

3. Last words from a mother

Losing a parent is always hard to grasp, and people go from disbelief to final acceptance. Remembering your father or mother is what you're eventually left with, and Taylor Smith tattooed her mother's last words on her wrist. The words come from a note that Taylor discovered a few hours before her mom died.

2. A dog paw tattoo

Dogs are people's best friends. Some dog owners go as far as tattooing their beloved pets' paws. Look at Jackie Adamski's tattoo, which is a replica of her Skunky's paw! She wrote, "Skunky, you are a true artist! Thanks for putting up with almost 200 paw prints before we got the perfect one!"

1. Angelina Jolie's tattoo

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie also has a story behind her famous shoulder tattoo. It once used to be the name of her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, to whom she was briefly married for 3 years. She later had it removed by laser and replaced with the geographical coordinates of the birthplaces of all her children.

Some people believe tattoos are just a piece of art; others see them as self-expression. But for some of us, it is the only way to remember our loved ones or important events in our lives. If you happen to have a tattoo like this, share with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit nathanstree, Josh J-Mash Marshall
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