9 of the Most Unusual Ways Celebrities Chose to Lose Weight Fast

Whatever we may think, celebrities aren't at all like your average men and women. We can promise ourselves to start working out on Monday, putting it off further and further, while Hollywood stars spend most of their lives trying to meet our expectations.

We at Bright Side made a list of the most unusual methods actors and actresses used to lose weight fast, be it for the sake of art or just to get in shape. It's worth noting that there are no extremes for celebrities, so please don't try these methods at home.

Natalie Portman

To play a ballet dancer without weight issues, Natalie had to be about 80 pounds. Her diet didn't differ much from that of her character: half a grapefruit, a carrot, and some almonds. Still, an Academy Award is worth it, right?


Beyoncé refused to eat hard food for the sake of losing an extra 15 pounds for her role in Dreamgirls. For two weeks, she only drank water with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup, sometimes adding fresh vegetables on top. The result was astonishing, but the singer confessed she wouldn't dare try this experiment again.

Matthew McConaughey

The award for best actor didn't exactly prance into Matthew's welcoming hands. For 4 months, he went on an extremely low-calorie diet, losing over 40 pounds as a result. The foundation of the diet was a lot of liquid and proteins, but the actor says it's the psychological pressure that was the hardest.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese turned to a popular diet based on baby food to get in shape after childbirth. The secret is simple: pureed food is easily digested, while the portion size won't let you overeat.

Anne Hathaway

The role of a factory worker dying of TB in Les Miserables required the corresponding look. Anne had to go on a diet with no more than 500 kcal energy input. She let herself eat no more than 2 helpings of dry oatmeal, some radishes, and some hummus every day. The actress also laughs when she remembers that for the Catwoman suit to sit right on her, she had to eat only "kale and dust."

Christina Aguilera

The singer says she eats unusually: every day she consumes something crunchy, soft, hot, and cold. The foods also have to be of the same color - if on Monday she eats white, then it'll be kale, white beans, and cottage cheese. It's hard to doubt the efficiency of such a diet when looking at her gorgeous body.

Christian Bale

For The Machinist, Christian had to lose 60 pounds in 4 months. His diet consisted of a can of tuna and an apple each day, and it didn't exceed 300 kcal. The actor drank lots of water to not feel hungry, helping him achieve the result in the end. By the way, he lost not only the fat but muscles too - that's why he looks so morbidly thin in the movie.


How would you like to look at 58? Like Madonna, we guess. The singer is in amazing shape. That's because while others cut out calories, she completely excludes them. Madonna's diet is based on the assumption that air is enough to support our body's activity. She cooks food, but she doesn't eat it: she just smells it and eats nothing but salted water soup. Madonna certainly doesn't live like this all the time but uses this method as needed.

Nicole Kidman

After childbirth, Nicole had to go on a rather harsh diet for future projects. It consisted of 1 hard-boiled egg for breakfast, 1 for lunch, and 2 for dinner. Such nutrition is unhealthy and imbalanced, but the actress lost even more than she expected. Verdict: it works, but you won't last long on this diet.

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