8 Real Stories of How You Can Destroy Your Entire Career With Only One Post Online

The reputation that people spend years building can be destroyed by just one unfortunate post online. The real stories that we want to tell you about are just another lesson for all of us: we have to be very careful about what we post online and think before we act. Because even something that was posted years ago can still do significant damage to your career and reputation.

Bright Side wants to share 8 real cases when the careers and reputations of different people were jeopardized because of some published posts on social media. And at the end of the article, there is a recommendation on how to restore your reputation if you've already made a mistake.

1. A hip-hop singer and her politically incorrect statements

In 2016, an American hip-hop singer Azealia Banks accused a Pakistani man, Zayn Malik, of plagiarism. She tweeted it. And she also made some harsh remarks about his nationality.

As a result, the singer's Twitter account was temporarily blocked and Azealia was later banished from the program of the London Music Festival Born and Bred. Azealia's career wasn't destroyed completely, but fewer people started visiting her concerts and her income decreased.

2. A soccer team and a bad metaphor

The Moscow soccer team Spartak published a video on their official page where Georgy Gikiya shot a video of the Brazilian Spartak players and said, "Look at the chocolates melting in the sunshine." Later the post was deleted and the team management apologized for this rude phrase.

But anyway, people remember this: British newspapers and the BBC channel published terrible reviews where they accused the Russian soccer team of racism.

3. A model and her very old post

A British model from Pakistan, Amena Khan, was supposed to be the first model wearing a hijab who would become the face of L’Oreal. The campaign was never started because Twitter users reminded Amena of her old insulting statements about the Jewish people and Israel. The girl published such posts and deleted them in 2014.

4. An inappropriate joke about a job

In 2009, an American woman, Connor Riley, had a job interview and got an offer to work for the multinational company Cisco. She decided to share this wonderful news with her Twitter followers and she posted, "Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work."

This tweet was noticed by some of the company's employees who commented, "Who is the hiring manager? I'm sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web." The job offer was withdrawn.

5. A star's remarks about a producer

In 2011, an American movie actor and the star of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen, wrote a post where he insulted the show producer Chuck Lorre by calling him a clown. As a result, the sitcom management fired the actor. And it was thanks to Two and a Half Men that Charlie Sheen was the most well-paid actor on American television.

6. A supermodel and a tea party in a Chinese restaurant

In February 2017, supermodel Gigi Hadid visited a Chinese restaurant. She saw a cookie shaped like Buddha's head, she put it close to her face, and made a similar face. Her younger sister Bella posted the video on Twitter. Many people on social media were upset with Gigi's racist behavior and the model had to apologize.

In the end, Gigi was denied a visa to China, which made it impossible for her to take part in the Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai.

7. Leaking the information

A shot from Glee.

Beginner actress Nicole Kaiser was cast for a small part in the popular American TV show Glee. The girl was so excited about the news that she decided to share it with her Twitter subscribers and she posted a spoiler of the second season of the project. The show’s management was very surprised. This is how her career ended before it even started.

8. A daughter endangering her father's career

Brooke Amelia Peterson is the daughter of an Apple engineer and her father let her test the new iPhone X when she went to visit him. The girl made a video of the new phone and showed what a few applications looked like on it and uploaded the video to YouTube.

Soon after the video was published, Apple representatives contacted the girl and asked her to delete the video. Her father had to explain to the company what his daughter did and apologize on her behalf. But the engineer was still fired for the violation of the corporate Apple policies. Later, Peterson said that she wasn't aware of the fact that she was breaking any rules.

Bonus: How to restore your reputation after a mistake:

1. Delete all of the harmful posts from your social media. Look through all the previous content that you posted and delete anything that might look suspicious or insulting.

2. Apologize. Do it once and keep it clear and concise. For example, when Maria Sharapova apologized for taking drugs and admitted her mistake, she was supported by her fans and sponsors.

3. You have to see the difference between apologizing and making excuses. Never do the latter.

4. After a brief apology, you should lay low. Even if you are insulted by all the criticism, you shouldn't react. Not in any way. Any comment will only add fuel to the fire.

5. Find a respectable person who can support you in public. Such public support will help put out the fire of criticism very quickly. Such people can be well-known respected professors or other people who are loved by many others.

6. Do something to prove that you want to change. The respect will return to you slowly.

Do you know of any other cases when someone's reputation was destroyed by a bad post? Tell us in the comment section below.

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