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9 Times Attentive Fans Called Out Celebrities Over Retouching


You can always learn a lot from celebrities — makeup secrets, fashion trends, the art of modeling and posing for a photographer. Millions of eyes are drawn to them during almost every moment of their life. That's why they're so concerned about their looks and want every picture to be just perfect.

Thanks to attentive fans and small photo retouching mistakes, Bright Side discovered what many celebs prefer to change in their photos. At the end of the article, you'll see what happens if a pro starts using a retouching program.

1. Creating the right proportions

Model Miranda Kerr doesn't need to retouch anything to look great in her photos. However, she does some tricks to make her body look slim: she "squeezes" her waist and hips.

Here, Miranda made her hips a bit wider to create a more feminine look.

2. Armpits

Celebrities have already learned how to use a highlighter in their makeup and they love to use it on their body as well. They even make their armpits look lighter.

3. Legs

Even the legs of a slim model might look a bit chubby from this perspective. Despite the fact that Beyonce has always been proud of her curves, she retouches her hips quite often. On this photo, it can be noticed by noticing the crooked telephone.

A gap between the legs can be done in a retouching program as well.

4. Hair volume

Selena Gomez showed her gorgeous hair in a shampoo commercial for a good reason: she has strong, beautiful hair. However, her hair stylist can always fix small details and add extra volume in a photo editor (take a look at a curved wall on the left).

5. Creating the perfect curves

Britney Spears regularly posts new photos that show her sports achievements. Without a doubt, she is in a great shape, but she also retouches certain parts of her shots from time to time. On this photo, many fans noticed that a piece of a poolside has disappeared under Britney's lower back.

6. Shoulders

Mariah Carey was never too shy to wear a revealing outfit, and she seems pretty confident in any of them. Like many other celebrities, Mariah uses different tricks to make her photos perfect. She changed the shape of her shoulders and made her neck look longer and her legs thinner.

7. Six-pack abs

You can get the six-packs by working out in a gym, using cosmetic products, or drawing them in a photo editor.

8. Waist

Kelly Brook is often said to have a perfect body, but she likes to change little details in her look as well. She changes the shape of her shoulders and waist and adds extra volume to her hair.

9. Photoshoots for magazine covers

After a photo shoot with Kim Kardashian, Complex magazine posted an unretouched photo by mistake. It was quickly replaced with a new one, but the fans had noticed the difference. Kim Kardashian had her say: "So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't?" We like this attitude; everyone should be proud of their body and curves.

Bonus: a guy who took the art of photo retouching to a whole new level.

Lorenz Valentino has become friends with many celebrities by using a photo editing program. It's one of the situations when the art of photo retouching can only be praised. What do you think about the celebrities who change their looks in the photos?

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