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9 Times Travel Spectacularly Changed Lives

According to Mark Twain, there are "only two things we’ll regret on deathbed — that we are a little loved and little traveled."

In a group named Overheard, Bright Side found the stories of people who completely changed their lives once they set foot on new lands.

  • I wished my husband happiness and let him go to another woman — more young, stupid, and cheerful. What about me? I took my savings — $17,800 — and went on a trip. I watched the Icelandic geysers steam, saw the lights of Shanghai, and the sands of Australia. I fell in love and made new friends. I got a rose & gun tattoo from a biker, and a half-leg scar in Burma. When I came back home, my husband got interested in me again. And me...I realized he was a faint shadow of my past.
  • I never left my hometown until adulthood. At the age of 18, I went to Italy for the first time, and I was simply blown away! I’ve visited 15 countries over two years. I saved money, monitored hot ticket tours, and hitchhiked. Now I don’t spend money on anything redundant. While my friends buy themselves expensive bags and dresses and visit stylists and solariums, I sunbathe in Bali for the same money, in T-shirts bought there for no more than $5, feeling absolutely happy.
  • Being surrounded by thin and small friends, I’ve always had a complex about my body (I’m 180 cm and 76 kg). Once we went on a tour around Europe. I wanna say that for two weeks of our trip hardly a single foreigner approached them. As for me, I was almost sick of them: they asked for my number, invited me to come to their country, payed me dozens of compliments, and told me I was a real beauty. I’m not ashamed of myself anymore.
  • Several years ago I discovered the whole charm of travel. Over three years I’ve walked half of Eurasia — with real adventures, hikes, hitchhiking, and amazing acquaintances. It’s this kind of life people write books and make movies about! I understand that, after all this, I’ll just go crazy within the four walls of the office. Now I’m looking for that special person with whom I could share it all.
  • Six months ago I went on a trip to Europe with my friend using couchsurfing. In one of the countries we got to meet wonderful people in whose house we stayed for three days. The young guy who invited us simply fascinated me, and he also really liked me. Just before we left, we kissed. Having come back home, I wrote a letter of resignation and moved abroad — and I’m happy!
  • In my teens, my grandmother was telling me about her past travels. How she lived in Ethiopia and had a maid, how she fell asleep and snored in India at important negotiations, how Namibian flatbread is made, about tropical downpours, how she and Grandfather quarreled in Egypt and then he rode with her on a camel — and much more interesting stuff. These stories let me understand how huge this amazing world is!
  • The first evening on a journey is what changes your worldview. You’re sitting somewhere like a Barcelona beach or in a Paris cafe, and you remember that this morning you woke up in your own bed, and now you’re in an absolutely different place. And at that moment emotions just overwhelm you.
  • Travel is my life! I save every free penny for a future trip, so I work almost 24/7. And you cannot imagine how annoying are those who say, “I envy you so much!“ ”I go to the river, and you went to the Netherlands," and the like. And their salaries are bigger, and in their free time they do nothing but spend money on useless crap.
  • I’ve been dreaming of Berlin but had no money. I spent a year saving for the trip. When I got there, I couldn’t stop thinking how cool I was feeling there, and how I’d be remembering every minute of this magnificent week. On the last day I was walking along the streets on the outskirts, saw a hairdresser’s, and decided to have a haircut to remember. The stylist offered to cut me to his taste, to make it a surprise, and I agreed. For an hour, he turned my boring haircut into a stylish one I was afraid to do before because I considered myself not cool enough.

    Then I saw a clothes store across the street and bought a super brutal tee for my new image. When I came home, I wore this tee for a week and decided to beef up to complete the cool guy image. Six months later I had an athletic body, and a girl fell in love with me for the first time. I lacked time because of my girlfriend, and I learned to manage it, so my efficiency at work increased.

    Four months later, I was promoted to manager for my good work. My income increased, I bought a car, and I began saving for a wedding. And yesterday I received a letter telling me that my company accepted my application and transferred me to another office in Berlin.
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