A Girl Changed Herself After Reading Internet Trolls’ Comments, and the Results Are Really Controversial

Popular blogger, Chessie King conducted an experiment on her Instagram: she posted pictures of herself using different photos and video editors and completely changed her appearance based on her followers' recommendations. The end result was shocking.

Bright Side is sharing the shocking results of this brave experiment with you.

5 years ago, Chessie was proud of the fact that she could resist the temptation of food. She spent hours in the gym on an empty stomach and was extremely underweight. Today, Chessie loves food and her body. But it's impossible to meet everyone's unhealthy standards and she always faces Internet trolls that criticize her weight and appearance. With the help of Cybersmile, an organization that fights against bullying on the Internet, Chessie decided to conduct an experiment and become "perfect" for all followers.

First, she posted a story on Instagram appearing in her underwear in the video. She said that it felt great not to care about what others said. In the comments, some people even called her fat.

Chessie "fixed" her "drawbacks" and posted a picture of herself with a small waist.

But users didn't like that photo either because of Chessie's "big arms". So she posted a photo of herself with thin hands.

This time, followers didn't like her "big legs" so she changed the situation.

Then people started to criticize her "bushy eyebrows" so Chessie decided to erase them.

But it didn't help. Followers continued criticizing Chessie's nose, eyes, hair, and buttocks, so she tried to fix everything they wanted.

When the girl got bigger lips following the comments, people claimed that her lips were too big. Whatever she changed, Instagram users wrote she was ugly anyway.

This is how the girl looked after all changes. Chessie commented on her video, "If we changed our body for every troll, listened to every cyber bully, we would be monsters."

Catch the full video of Chessie's experiment:

And what do you think about women's beauty standards today?

Preview photo credit Сhessie King
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