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A Girl Examined Instagram Stars’ Appearances and Found Out What We Should Look Like to Be Famous. The Result Is Scary

Cassey Ho is a popular American blogger and fitness coach and her Instagram page has over 1.5 million subscribers. This is an impressive number but Kim Kardashian’s total count just reached a whopping 149 million! Cassey was interested in finding out the differences between her and superstars like Kim Kardashian which is what led to her research.

We at Bright Side loved the American blogger’s analytical approach to this topic and decided to tell you all about her project. The subject of Cassey’s study is the appearance of top bloggers. If you want to learn the popularity secrets that have nothing to do with the body or facial features, read the entire article. And in the bonus section, we’ll let you in on some other interesting studies.

Cassey Ho told her subscribers, “Guys, I have decoded the secret of the Instagram beauty standards.”

In order to do this, for 2 weeks, the girl analyzed 100 of the most popular profiles on Instagram.

Ariana Grande is the blogger who comes in “first” in terms of fans since she has 165 million subscribers.

The American woman identified 22 things that helped make the “perfect appearance” which included hair color, neck length, the shape of the face, eye color, the size of clothes, age, and so on.

Selena Gomez is the second most popular girl on Instagram.

It turned out that on average, the most popular girls are 22 years old. 75% of them have brown eyes.

Kim Kardashian, who has brown eyes, is the third most popular Instagram star.

Among some of the other perfect criteria is a height of 5′ 5″ and dark hair.

Beyoncé’s appearance fits almost all the criteria.

Most Instagram stars have hourglass-shaped bodies, small noses, and fat lips.

All popular bloggers look alike.

After a careful review of the celebrities’ parameters, Cassey Ho decided to test what she’d learned.

She was interested in how her own appearance would change if she tried to make it more “Instagram-worthy.” Above is a real selfie of Cassie.

The “updated” image looked nothing like the original!

The photo after editing.

Cassey’s fit body was not up to the top-bloggers’ standards. Her waist should have been thinner; her hips, wider; and her breasts, bigger.

In the updated photos, Cassey looked nothing like herself. Her followers admitted that the result was scary.

The blogger realized that being popular wasn’t worth such a radical change.

You can watch her entire experiment on her YouTube channel.

This little study helped Cassey learn to love herself and her “not perfect” photos even more. Of course, with the new appearance, she would gain 100 times more likes but would’ve lost something more important — her individuality.

We suppose that Cassey would recommend for women to stop trying to be someone else and be exactly who they are.

Bonus: How can you become popular on Instagram without changing your appearance?

The secret of popularity on social media was researched by more people than just Cassey Ho. Other bloggers and even scientists have tried to do so. All of them can likely agree that their popularity isn’t all about appearance, but it’s also about less obvious factors. According to them, people who want to have millions of subscribers should:

  • Create a second social media account. Many stars have a public profile and a closed page for friends only. The second page has all the non-perfect photos and the first one has the most successful photos that present the person in the best light. This strategy helps them to avoid emotional burnout and they maintain their public profile as if it were a job.

  • Take a photo of something blue. Researchers noticed that pictures with blue color in them have 24% more likes.

These images were published on the same Instagram profile. As you can see, blue color defeats even the kings of Instagram — cats.

  • Make up your own hashtag that subscribers will identify you by.
  • Use filters for images (Mayfair is probably the best one). According to statistics, such photos are liked 21% more often.
  • Remember that photos with faces in them are 35% more popular.
  • Publish photos at a certain time. Researchers claim that travel photos should be published on Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm. Educational posts should be shared on Thursdays at 4 pm, technology posts on Mondays at 2 pm, and food photos are the most popular on Fridays at 2 pm.
  • Add the location. This way, 79% more people will see your post.
  • Choose warm colors. Such posts gain more comments.

What’s your favorite Instagram profile? Why exactly do you like it? Let’s continue to discover the secrets of popularity in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit blogilates / youtube