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A Man Found 100 Ways to Forget About His Wife’s Cheating, and Accidentally Became World Famous

44-year-old Ian Usher worked at a carpet store in Perth, Australia. He had a very calm life until his wife Laura left him after 12 years of marriage. The man was depressed by the divorce and he had very serious problems. But he decided to make a desperate move and posted a very unusual lot on an online auction for just $1. But just one week later, this move completely changed Usher’s life.

We at Bright Side were inspired by the story of this creative man and found out what made him famous and what ideas he came up with to overcome the divorce with his wife.

Ian Usher was born in England but at the age of 38, he decided to move to Australia with his wife where they bought a cozy place. And everything was great until his wife found a new man and left Usher alone in a house where every single thing in it reminded him of her. After 2 years of loneliness and severe depression, the man decided to make a desperate move.

Usher started his own blog where he explained that he was going to put all his property and his life on eBay just for $1. The unusual lot consisted of Usher’s one-story house with all his personal belongings, a car, a motorbike, and a jet ski. The man was also willing to introduce the buyer to all his friends, relatives, and even give them his workplace. Usher was only going to keep his passport and a list of wishes that included 100 goals that were supposed to help him forget about his harsh divorce and start a new life.

Usher’s unusual decision attracted a lot of media attention and he started giving interviews to different Australian channels; soon, journalists from other countries found out about his amazing plans. So, in just a few weeks, he became famous.

Usher told the press that it was just his way of getting rid of all the memories connected with his ex-wife. After the deal, Usher was just going to go to the airport, buy a ticket for the nearest flight and see where the new life would lead him.

By the end of the first day of the online auction, the bids were as high as $300,000 and the next morning, the lot was $2.2 million. But it turned out that all the high bids were from unregistered users, so Usher decided to delete them. At the end of the auction, Usher’s life was worth $399,300. It was even cheaper than the market price of Usher’s house. But there was one more unpleasant surprise waiting for Usher.

As it turned out, the person who gave the highest bid for the unusual lot couldn’t pay for it and refused to buy it. After that, Usher contacted other participants of the auction who offered less money but they also changed their mind about taking part in this auction. It seemed that the man’s plan for a new life was going to crash but Usher didn’t stop. He decided to sell his house with the help of a real estate agent. He transported all his stuff to his friends, he sold his car, got a loan, and decided to try to achieve all his 100 goals in 100 weeks. Just as Usher promised, he only took his passport and his wallet with him in the end.

During his trip, Usher met amazing people. He managed to meet his idol Richard Branson — a British billionaire who founded Virgin Group. Usher also wrote a letter to an address he found on the website of the company and he got a reply that the meeting was possible. Usher told the famous businessman about his trip and his own charity project. Branson agreed to participate in it.

Usher didn’t only make his dreams come true during the trip but he also worked on the fundraising project he mentioned in almost every interview in order to attract as many people to this cause as possible. He sold pictures taken in different parts of the world and he sent all the money he’d earned to the Bowel Cancer and Digestive Research Institute.

Usher visited every continent and more than 30 countries, and he found kind people in every new place he came to. They let him stay at their places for free, they gave him food and helped him with his wishes.

Usher bungee jumped off a bridge, he went scuba diving, jumped with a parachute, and flew a paraglider, a plane, a helicopter, and a fighter jet. He went kayaking, spent a night in a haunted house, climbed an active volcano and even saw Mount Everest. But these weren’t even his wildest goals he managed to achieve.

After getting rid of the things he was surrounded by, Usher also decided to remove all the memories of the past from his own body. He removed the piercing from his tongue he had had since youth and had a new tattoo put on top of an old one.

The only good memory Usher had from his past was connected with his father who loved to juggle. So Usher achieved another one of his goals and learned to juggle fire clubs.

Usher had swum with sharks in the ocean several times before but he also dreamed of seeing whales in their natural habitat. When he was in Japan, he managed to achieve this goal too.

During his trip, Usher tried to help other people too. So before Christmas, he worked as a volunteer in a cafeteria that fed homeless people for free.

But not all of Usher’s goals were connected with traveling. For example, he wanted to learn to play the didgeridoo (a music instrument in Australia). And he also learned to speak French and Spanish. He mastered riding a unicycle.

Probably the craziest goal Usher reached was wing walking.

The man even managed to achieve a completely impossible dream and “flew to space” or more specifically, he was in a special military place and experienced weightlessness.

During his trip around the world, Usher also took part in different funny and even dangerous competitions. He jumped into water dressed as an ostrich, he ran from bulls during a Spanish celebration, and also took part in the cheese chase in England.

His new active lifestyle helped Usher heal his wounds and get in great physical shape.

During his travels across North America, Usher met Moe and her 2 sons. Soon, they became a couple and Usher started to live with his new family in a small Canadian town called Whitehorse.

In Canada, Usher wrote and published his book, A Life Sold where he described all the details of his desperate move and his travels where he met his new love and created a new family. Disney even bought the rights for a movie.

After that, Usher was tired of the cold in Canada and decided to buy a small island in the Caribbean not far from Panama.

There, he built a small house for his new family. But the life on the island was much harder than he expected so he had to break up with Moe and her children and he wrote another book called Paradise Delayed.

For some time, Usher lived on the island completely alone until his good friend from England, Vanessa came to him. She wanted to support her friend and stay for just a couple of weeks. But she decided to stay with him. So again, Usher found love and became happy.

Soon, the couple decided to sell the island and spend their money on a trip around the world.

Usher and Vanessa are so used to not having their own house and spending every other month in a new place that they decided to turn this hobby into a source of income. Several times, their friends went away for a vacation and let them stay in their houses to look after their pets. The couple created a website where they offered to take care of people’s pets around the world while they were on a business trip or a vacation. Today, Usher and Vanessa are professional pet keepers and they continue to discover new countries.

Do you think that such an unusual way of fighting depression could really help you to forget a divorce and start a new life?

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