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A Man Helps an Elderly Couple to Get on Their First Flight, Proving That Kindness Is Real Magic

A simple act of kindness can get someone through the day and make their journey more enjoyable, like this man who shared his experience with a couple, where his pure heart paved the way for them to have a pleasant and comfortable day. Being kind is free, and this is an opportunity to make the world a little lighter.

man told his story about how kindness can get you far in life. He came across an infertile couple after a long and exciting journey, having taken an 8-hour bus ride to the airport. Because he boarded with them, the man could see what was happening. He noticed the couple was a little lost as they were about to board and sit in their assigned cabins because they couldn’t understand English and looked clueless. This was also their first flight ever.

Instead of ignoring them, he directed them to their seats; they even assumed he was part of the crew because he assisted them with a massive smile. Fortunately, the couple’s seats were right in front of the man’s seat.

After adjusting to the seats and getting comfortable, the woman asked the man to take a picture of them and send it to their daughter, as they didn’t have any phones. They wanted to inform their daughter that they were safe, so the man sent a photo of them.

The fight attendant eventually came in with food, which the couple declined, but the man thought they looked starving and thirsty. He told the woman to serve the couple hot food and cold drinks and tell them they were lucky winners of a free meal. It was not free, but the man paid for everything, and they didn’t know. After the long flight, the couple smiled at the man before parting ways.

Bonus: People shared their thoughts on this story.

  • Wonderful gesture. Making fellow “Indians” comfortable in India is the primary responsibility of us all who can. Considering the description of the couple, they must have surely felt out of place despite being in their own country and among their “own.” It’s our job to not let them feel any different. Girish Satarkar / LinkedIn
  • You are a kind-hearted person, which is why you helped this older couple who didn’t know much about their flight journey. The expenditure you made on them to provide something to eat and drink is deposited in your account, which you will get whenever you require it with high interest. After all, the blessing you gave from the core of your heart of the couple serves as an energy packet that will not stay conserved but convert from one form to another form to another form. Dr. MMP Singh / LinkedIn
  • The act itself is priceless and goes a long way to prove every single day that goodness prevails all around us. We simply have to have the intention to contribute in our own ways. That smile is a million-dollar smile from a parent. It proves our unquestionable belief in humanity. Whether they thanked you verbally or not, their hearts for sure would have given you countless blessings. Shamshad Q. / LinkedIn

Would you lend a helping hand in this situation? Share with us in the comments your most memorable act of kindness.

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