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A Photographer Shares a Story That Every Parent of a Newborn Will Understand


Sarah Jankowski is a newborn and family photographer, with a studio located in Columbus, Georgia. She has experienced a lot of things through the many years of her career. Some babies are nice and quiet, some are not, some parents can’t take their eyes off their newborn, and some can. But there is one couple that showed how much they trust Sarah to take care of their newborn and that touched everyone’s heart.

We at Bright Side found the story about a moment that a newborn photographer got to share with a couple of parents.

It was just a normal photoshoot and Sarah was positioning the newborn, when her assistant called her name and told her to turn around. There, she saw both parents asleep on the couch.

It was the cutest and purest moment ever. 2 people, who had been dedicating their lives to raising and taking care this tiny human being, just trusted her to care for and protect this baby.

How can you not fall in love with this moment? Everyone deserves a break and a little time to rest, and it’s obvious that the trust they had in her, to leave their newborn alone with her and take a little nap, touched her heart. So, she decided to capture the moment and share it with us!

The photo was posted on her social media and it got a lot of attention. After all, seeing those 2 parents lying against each other and the little baby sleeping as well, just left us with a light heart.

In the end, the parents got to take a nap, got the cutest baby photos, and showed us that parents are human too!

After Sarah posted the story behind the picture, it got a crazy amount of attention. She then came back to visit the sleepy parents and the adorable little baby that was in the shoot.

She captured the moment and shared it with us to show us that it is important to understand that parents do need a break and some rest, after all, they have a lot to deal with.

Besides that, she may be good at putting people to sleep. Since then, she has shared that those cute parents sleeping on the couch were not the only ones.

Do you have kids or know some parents that do need a nap on the couch? Share your stories with us in the comments below!