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A Plus-Sized Girl Shares What Living in a 250-Pound-Body Is Like

Twitter user with the nickname, Zelenoyablochka, confessed that she’s gotten tired of listening to people’s arguments and defending her body shape, and decided to tell the whole truth about what living in a plus-sized body is like. The thread she started went viral in a day and got more than 1,000 retweets.

We at Bright Side admire Evgeniya’s courage and bravery and are eager to share her observations with you (with her permission). She also has an Instagram page where she highlights other spheres of her life.

In her thread, Evgeniya promised to write one fact about herself for each Like she got. The author started everything by revealing her stats: she’s 5’4″ tall and weighs 250 pounds. She says she doesn’t like her complexion, but that doesn’t prevent her from enjoying her life.

So here are some things that the author kindly shared with us:

  • The size range in the stores makes me feel uncomfortable. The biggest size I can find is an XL, which is too small for me. I don’t want to wear loose clothing just because I don’t fit the standards of the mass market.
  • The price of larger-sized clothing in some stores is higher, because they simply need more fabric to create it. Still, I consider this discrimination.
  • I rarely wear jeans. This issue is not just because of my weight, but also because of my leg shape. I am sure that many plus-sized girls are aware of this challenge — my thighs start rubbing together and my jeans end up getting holes after just 1 or 2 months of wearing them.
  • By gaining weight, my breasts also got bigger. On the one hand, it’s good. But on the other hand, I like to sleep on my side and my breasts choke me at night, so I start snoring.
  • Extra weight is closely connected to water retention in the body. Therefore, swelling becomes a frequent occurrence. Every morning, I wake up with the face of a person who has been drinking heavily for a week.
  • My feet get swollen too and it’s very uncomfortable. First, because it happens when you stay in one position (sitting or standing) for too long. Second, socks can painfully cut off circulation to the feet.
  • I always have to guard my personal space. People around me tend to jokingly say, “You used to be so slim, you looked good then” or “Oh, you gained more weight?” or “Being chubby doesn’t suit you” or “You should eat less.”
  • Since both my breasts and my belly grew bigger, I feel uncomfortable when my breast skin touches the skin of my belly, like they’re resting on it.
  • It can be pretty uncomfortable to move around in narrow toilet stalls. It’s really annoying. I didn’t have this issue when I weighed less.

  • It’s extremely difficult to find nice lingerie that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. My hip measurements have always been more than 40 inches, even when I weighed less. That’s why the most beautiful and budget-friendly piece of lingerie I can get is black cotton panties with simple lace (if I’m lucky).
  • Skinny friends who keep saying they are fat is a real trigger for chubby girls. However, I try to relate to it calmly — we all have to live in our bodies.
  • However, I feel uncomfortable when people start to talk about a chubby girl, that is slimmer than me, when I’m around, saying things like, “Look at how fat she is.” I automatically start to think about whether these people say the same things about me when I am not around.
  • Now let’s talk about serious things — stretch marks. They frighten me and make me feel sad. On top of that, I feel in advance where they are going to appear because my skin starts to ache in these places, like someone has stretched it.
  • I am afraid to stand on chairs and other small things because 250 pounds is a lot. Let’s be honest!
  • No one has ever bullied me for being overweight, but I did have a difficult relationship where my partner would blackmail me to lose weight. There were also comments from my friends a-la “You are too chubby to do this, that, or the other.” I’ve had enough of this.
  • My mother is the person who makes me feel the most uncomfortable. She would always say that “the width of your booty doesn’t affect your happiness” meaning that no one is actually gonna want to marry me. Spoiler alert: I’ve been married for one year already. Now she continues to make jokes about my weight, sometimes even making me cry.
  • Let’s talk about the harm that being overweight can do to your health. I have been sick all my life. I had chronic gastritis and had to stay in the hospital every 6 months, before the age of 18. I also have headaches and neurological issues. I have weighed 250 pounds for the last 6 months, but I’ve had health issues since childhood.
  • There is also such a thing as fat phobia. I used to work in a place where I was standing for 14 to 15 hours per day. Of course, my feet and legs were aching so I went to the doctor saying that I thought I had arthritis and I asked them to check my health, but the doctor just told me that I should lose weight.
  • About my attitude toward my body: I have never been very slim. I’ve learned to love my body gradually. I am still searching for harmony and I do consider myself beautiful. But when I come across random photos of mine or can’t find clothes in my size, I start to feel uncomfortable.

Have you ever experienced any discomforts due to your weight or height? What were they?

Preview photo credit Zelenoyablochka / Twitter