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A Police Officer Dresses Up as Superheroes to Cheer Up Sick Kids, and We Need More Heroes Like Him

Years ago, Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole decided to put a Superman logo onto his bulletproof vest, in order to build relationships with the children he encountered during his service. He used to show them the logo and ask them to keep it a secret.

Today, when Cole is not working, he uses his spare time to help sick kids and raise their spirits.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to bring this real-life superhero’s story to you and we hope you’re all inspired and influenced by his work and dedication.

In 2012, when Cole was working for the Dallas Police Station, he started dressing up as Superman for various community service events and hospital visits.

In 2015, he gave up his vacation and drove 11 hours to meet a 7-year-old boy with cancer in Illinois.

He also visited a boy’s school dressed as Iron Man.

Cole has even customized his vehicles. One is in the style of the Batmobile and the other is a Superman themed Dodge Charger.

Cole once said in an interview that his daughter Savannah is his inspiration and the reason why he does what he does.

In an interview with NBC Nightly News, Cole stated that he had visited 20+ states and had seen more than 1,000 kids so far.
Here are just a few:

He likes to call these struggling kids his “heroes.” Sometimes these heroes win the fight; but sometimes they don’t. Then Cole is there to see them one last time.

HERO Jeremiah

HERO Super Sammy

HERO Joshua John

And many more... It’s not a costume, a cape, or a car that makes a hero; it’s a heart, even a broken one.
Here at Bright Side we encourage the heroes among us, like Cole, and ask that you all support these kinds of initiatives around you. Damon Cole provides these services for FREE when he’s off the duty. If you live in the USA or Canada, he’d be willing to do it for you or anyone you know.

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