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A Russian Man Raises a Son With Down Syndrome All on His Own and Proves That Fatherly Love Is Sacred

Thousands of families all over the world are faced with Down Syndrome. It becomes a real-life challenge for parents when they hear doctors reveal that their child has this genetic condition. Many kids end up in foster care, but there are people who are convinced that having a kid with a special condition is a blessing, not a burden.

We at Bright Side asked Evgeny Anisimov to tell us his story. Evgeny is a single father who is raising his son Misha, who has Down Syndrome, and we’d love for you to feel this explosion of emotions together with us.

The baby’s diagnosis was like thunder in a peaceful sky.

Misha was a very desired and long-awaited kid. Evgeny and his wife were preparing to welcome their son. They had arranged a family-centered birth, and after long hours of labor, the happy parents heard their son’s first screams.

Right at the first minutes after the baby’s birth the parents heard terrifying news from the obstetrician: “I fear that your baby has a Down Syndrome.”

To top it all off, it was found that little Misha had pneumonia and the doctors were struggling to save his life.

The baby’s mom was not ready to raise a child with this special condition. She insisted that they needed to send him to an orphanage. But Evgeny was immovable in his decision: even if it would mean the collapse of his family, he would take all the responsibility, and raise the kid alone. He and his wife soon parted and the new life of this “dad-mother” began for Evgeny.

The first challenge for the young father was breastfeeding.

After Misha recovered from pneumonia, Evgeny took him home and so began the chain of parenting challenges. One of the hardest issues was breastfeeding. Luckily, there were people who didn’t remain indifferent toward this family, and soon Misha had a breastmilk donor.

This single father received a huge amount of support from his friends.

Since Misha was born, his father has heard a lot of judgmental and harsh opinions. But true friends remained true and started taking an active part in the life of this father-son duo. They have been sending over presents and things that are needed for the baby’s daily care and often come to visit Misha to see how this little gentleman is happily growing up.

Each day of this father and son is scrupulously planned.

The family’s routine is all set up for doing as many things as possible to help Misha’s physical development. Massages, physical activities, and active games have become the main activities of Misha and his dad.

One woman arranged a charity event and all of the funds that were collected from it were spent to buy a season ticket to the swimming pool for little Misha. He now has swimming lessons with one of the best coaches and his father hopes that soon Misha will be swimming like a fish.

Evgeny spends hours arranging various developmental activities for his son.

One of the peculiarities of kids with Down Syndrome is that each of them has different talents and the ability to thrive. Evgeny strongly believes in Misha’s intellectual potential and restlessly works on his occupational and speech therapy.

Busy boards, books, sensory toys, and what not! Father and son learn new things together and even the smallest achievement of his little son makes Evgeny burst with fatherly pride and happiness.

Evgeny says that even though Misha hasn’t acquired certain mandatory skills yet, he doesn’t want to push his son or set any standards for him. He reads tons of books and uses what he finds to be the most helpful advice in order to build up his son’s developmental program.

The father and son both love to have some fun together.

As a never-failing optimist, Evgeny treats his parental wins and failures with an immense sense of humor. He loves to pose with Misha in funny surroundings. Lately, these guys have tried the trendy “family look” outfit and given a splash of fun to all the people who follow them on social media.

Despite a severe lack of time, there’s still space to help others.

Apart from his daily parental chores and his job, this father manages to participate in charity activities. He takes part in marathons and helps collect funds for the needs of families who are raising kids with special needs.

Misha not only has a loving father but a fairy grandmother.

Evgeny’s mother has been the most supportive person in the life of this adorable duo. When she found out about Misha’s diagnosis, it never came to her mind that Misha would be given to an orphanage. From the moment she saw her grandson for the first time, she’s been helping Evgeny and Misha with everything. As she often says, she cannot imagine her life without this special little man.

Many people say that Misha behaves just like other kids.

Some followers keep asking Evgeny if Misha really has Down Syndrome. His facial expressions and manners are just like those of his peers. He’s a very emotional boy with his own preferences and favorites, he loves to play just like any other kid and already has an unwritten list of the most outstanding shenanigans.

The secret to happiness is very simple for this family.

Despite all the problems and challenges that this special fatherhood brings to Evgeny, he’s never even thought of giving it up. He strongly believes that each kid, no matter their race, skin color, or developmental peculiarities, must be welcomed, loved, and cherished.

Evgeny never asks anyone for help, preferring to live modestly and sparingly. But if someone offers it, he never refuses and is always extremely grateful for even the smallest thing people do for Misha. If you would like to help, you can donate via PayPal:

What are your feelings about Evgeny’s decision to raise his son alone? Would you do the same?

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