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A Woman Suffered From Bullying in School. Today the Feature Everyone Laughed at Made Her Famous


Ia Östergren is a Swedish model who has surprisingly long legs. Today, she has thousands of admirers, but she used to be ashamed of her own unusual physic and referred to herself as an ugly duckling. The story of this model proves that our beauty begins with self-love and only we can decide whether our peculiarities should be viewed as flaws or advantages.

Bright Side wants to share Ia's story with you!

The woman's height is 5'1" but her legs are 3'6". Such a disproportion helps Ia look very astonishing and unique.

When you look at beautiful and revealing photos from the model's Instagram account, it's hard to imagine that she'd ever hated her slim body and her long legs and that she'd been bullied by her classmates in school.

She's been fighting depression for a long time. Ia decided to begin training and bodybuilding workouts to make herself feel more confident.

She shared her progress on social media. Her future husband, a well-known Swedish bodybuilder Torbjorn Ostergren, noticed one of her posts. Torbjorn expressed his support for her and encouraged her to believe in herself. They got married in 2014.

Success came quickly but Ia didn't give up her fitness training. Moreover, she works out every day and keeps posting photos from her training sessions on Instagram.

Today she is one of the most popular Swedish fitness models and female bodybuilders.

Ia Ostergren's story is a great example of determination and self-confidence. There's nothing strange about the fact that today the model inspires many people who've just started out on their path toward change.

In fact, Ia is inspired by her husband who not only became her faithful partner in life but also a trainer. The couple has 2 children. Torbjorn and Ia support each other and teach their children that confidence can help them become the best versions of themselves.

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