A Woman From Miami Showed What Luxurious Living for Likes Can Lead To

Lissette Сalveiro lives in Miami and has an Instagram account. She is a perfect example of how to pursue a living on Instagram and how a worthy life can lead to real financial problems.

We at Bright Side recognized ourselves and our friends in Lissette's posts and we wonder if you can recognize parts of yourself. Have you ever met people like her?

When Lissette moved to New York City for an internship in 2013, she felt like a star on the popular TV show Sex and the City. She bought brand name clothes, shoes, and enjoyed luxurious parties. But her income could not keep up with her expenses.

While living in New York City, the young lady wanted to look like a glamorous fashionista and to be a part of the luxury elite. In fact, the more stylish her life was, the deeper she went into debt. Her part-time job didn't fully cover the weekly spendings on expensive things.

"I wasn't intending to be Instagram famous, but it was definitely influenced by what I was seeing on social media." — she mentioned in her Business Insider interview. She bought Louis Vuitton and Rebecca Minkoff's designer handbags, Kate Spade's handmade accessories, and brand name shoes and cosmetics to live that amazingly luxurious life that she saw on social media.

One more thing that trapped her was Snapchat geofilters. So that no one would suspect her of having a mediocre life, Lissette wanted to gather at least 12 geotags. To that end, she had to go on vacation at least every month. She visited almost all the states, went to Cuba, the Virgin Islands, Marocco, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, and many other countries.

Calveiro used credit cards and didn't notice that in just a few months her total debt was about $10,000. She thinks that her main mistake was owning several credit cards – she didn't gauge her total debt ratio and just paid the minimum monthly payment. However, she later decided that the loan repayments should be her primary task and she learned to manage her finances.

First and foremost she decided to analyze her financial health and she compared her income and expenses. Lissette moved to an apartment with lower rent and started cooking instead of going out to eat. It took her 14 months to repay her loans and debts and to begin saving money for the future.

Today the woman doesn't live above her means. As it turned out, she enjoys such a life much more. Lissette has a successful career in public relations and marketing in a prestigious New York-based company. In her spare time, she writes on her blog and promotes the ideas of non-commercial organization Dress For Success that serves to empower women all over the world.

"Our obsession with Instagram is going too far. We should make more connections with real people, but we keep moving farther away from reality." - she wrote on her blog.

Lissette encourages people to be more sincere, to be themselves, and to remember that real life can't always be perfect. Stop scrolling the social media feed and putting likes on the photos of people who live a better life than you. Don't be shy to comment on other people's posts and thank those who liked yours. If we use Instagram as an instrument of communication, we'll feel much happier.

Lissette Calveiro's story reminds us that we should stop taking photos only for people's likes and remember how old family albums used to look like. Those pictures may not be as good as glamorous magazine covers, but they all had something real in them. They can warm our hearts even several decades later.

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