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At What Age These Famous Dads and Sons Looked Like Twins

Time passes by very quickly, and at one point or another we begin to forget that our favorite heroes were once young, talented, and full-of-potential newcomers stepping onstage. Sometimes these fresh faces are the sons of the hot superstar dads who were lucky enough to get some of those beautiful genes.

We at Bright Side offer you a chance to look back at the past to find out at what age these famous dads looked just like their grown-up kids. By the way, the resemblance between some of them really hits the mark. Get ready to be surprised!

Pierce Brosnan (42 years old) and

Sean Brosnan (32 years old)

David Beckham (17 years old) and

Brooklyn Beckham (16 years old)

Jude Law (25 years old) and

Rafferty Law (18 years old)

Clint Eastwood (31 years old) and

Scott Eastwood (28 years old)

Tom Hanks (37 years old) and

Colin Hanks (39 years old)

Paul McCartney (38 years old) and

James McCartney (35 years old)

John Lennon (32 years old) and

Sean Lennon (28 years old)

Preview photo credit EAST NEWS, KINOPOISK
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