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Britney Spears Is 38 Today, and It’s Time to Remember Her Best Moments That Shaped Our 2000s

“My loneliness is killing me...” We bet that you sang this line over and over again. And you’re not the only one. Millions of people know that Britney Spears burst into our lives with this song and won our hearts. And for us, she is not just a singer, she brightened our whole 2000s.

We at Bright Side admire this legendary woman and can’t wait to remember all the vivid and cool moments associated with Britney Spears and her birthday is a great reason to look back at her achievements.

Let’s start right away with her debut album ...Baby One More Time. We all still remember that girl from the video who made the whole school dance. This album broke several records at once: it became a best-selling debut album, the title song became the fastest-selling among female singers, and Britney herself became the youngest female artist to sell a million copies in the UK. This young girl (who was still a minor) was immediately ranked as a pop idol.

At this time, Britney was already dating Justin Timberlake. He was a member of the band NSYNC and considered a heartthrob by millions of girls around the world. These sweethearts will always stay in our memory as a young and beautiful golden couple.

A year after her first album, the singer released her second one called, Oops!... I Did It Again. This one blew up all the charts and started at the top in America. And here’s another record of Britney’s: 1.3 million copies of this album sold in the first week and this was the highest number among all female artists. There were other artists that couldn’t break this record for 15 years. Do we also need to mention that the whole world sang along with Britney?

The singer’s next album, Britney, again started at the top of the charts, which allowed her to become the first female artist who had her first 3 albums debut at the top. At the same time, she took part in a well-known Pepsi advertisement and got a major role in the movie Crossroads, which was a success and allowed her to show her acting abilities.

Despite her career success, Britney experienced a setback in her personal life. Her wonderful relationship with Justin was over. There was even an assumption that the famous Timberlake song “Cry Me a River” was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Britney.

Guess what happened to the next of Britney’s albums, In the Zone? Right! It was at the top of the charts again and this made her the first female artist whose first 4 albums debuted at number one. The popular track “Toxic” from this album brought Britney her long-awaited Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. Soon, the singer released the perfume, Curious. But even here Britney couldn’t resist being an overachiever and her fragrance was recognized and rewarded with the Best Women’s Fragrance accolade.

She also managed to get married to her childhood friend. It was only for 55 hours, but still this news surprised us, as well as her studies of Kabbalah — because of her friendship with Madonna.

Then Britney married Kevin Federline and they had 2 wonderful boys together.

She took a break from work and afterward she released her fifth studio album Blackout, which brought her another title. Now she became the only female artist whose first 5 albums started from 2 first places. She returned with the song “Gimme More” which quickly became a hit. Then Britney broke one more record (we have already lost count of all of them) and the next album Circus made her the youngest female artist with 5 albums debuting from the top of the charts.

The 2000s are over, but Britney’s career is still in full swing. Up to now she has released 9 studio albums, won 352 awards, and managed to become the highest paid jury member of a vocal competition. And this is just a part of what this talented and amazing star managed to do in her career. And we believe that many more achievements await her in the future. Happy Birthday, legend!

What are your favorite Britney Spears songs? What other remarkable things do you remember from the 2000s? You can share your memories in the comments.