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Ed Sheeran’s Bodyguard Is a New Instagram Star Because He Trolls His Boss Like Nobody Else

Kevin Myers is Ed Sheeran's bodyguard. His Instagram account is replete with photos from his work that he undoubtedy loves. While his photos look pretty ordinary and down to earth, the captions show the elevated level of his trolling skills.

Bright Side admires this sarcastic bodyguard and we picked out his wittiest posts just for you.

"When bae wants to cross the road without looking left or right. Don't be mean about his wonky eyes."

"Doing my job, being a LEGEND."

"Proud of bae for putting on so much weight."

"We rich."

"Staring someone down out of shot. ALWAYS. WATCHING."

"Keeping him from going over the edge, again…"

"He's telling me he's the daddy now."

"Wanna be Ed lol."

"Looking at @zakarywalters’ followers lololol"

"U wot"

"Quick photo shoot with bae"

"What the perfect video should’ve been"

"Forever watching"

"When you are trying to remember whether you unplugged the kettle before you went on tour."

"When bae takes you shopping."

"Drinking to my recent Instagram success story."

Ed Sheeran played a significant role in Kevin Myers's popularity. After Kevin got an Instagram account, Sheeran began promoting it actively. This is very touching and Bright Side is sure they're really great friends.

"The moment has come, finally Kev has an insta where all his fans can follow his every move. Follow @securitykev, I'll be doing insta stories most of the days annoying him. Out with the old, in with the Kev."

"Keep following @securitykev - champion of Instagram."

Don't you think it's more fun when you have this type of humorous approach to your work? Write your opinion in the comments.

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