Every Photo of Charles and Diana Told the Same Lie. What Was It?

The alliance of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is still one of the most discussed throughout the world. It seems that we know all about them because their lives were highlighted by the mass media in every detail. But most of us didn’t notice the most evident thing.

We can familiarize ourselves with their history by going through their numerous photos. These are mostly "official" photos.

It was deliberately emphasized by photographers that Charles was the head of the family: he is taller and seems to be a shield and defender, as the man is supposed to be in an exemplary couple.

Only recently have inquisitive journalists discovered that the photos do not reflect reality.

As a matter of fact, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were of the same height. Diana was always made to stand lower or asked to put one foot in front, and a heel height of more than 2 cm would immediately ruin the harmonious appearance of the couple. In this way, the difference was downplayed – at least in photos.

A lot of people say this was done specifically to point out Charles’s status and leading role in the family.

And what is your guess about it?

Preview photo credit flickr, flickr
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