Here’s What Gangs From All Over the World Look Like

Very few think about it, but almost every country has its low-class gangsters. And each of them has their own specific subculture and style.

Bright Side decided to take a look at these "interesting" social groups.

France - Racaille

Racaille, as true Frenchmen, possess a flawless style. They prefer Lacoste, wear Lacoste belt bags, and think that the height of style is pants tucked into socks. They hang out at suburban train stations, listen to music on their cell phones, hit on chicks, gang up on nerds, and steal bags (which are not necessarily Lacoste).

USA - White trash

Low-class people are often called "white trash." They remind one of old, permanently drunk scouts. Most of them are unemployed, and they live in trailer parks. They like to drink beer with other dudes, start fights, tease some naive people, or hustle a house.

England - Chavs

Chavs live in poor suburban districts. London traffic is too heavy for them. Chavs look like typical thugs: sportswear, shaved heads, a cigarette stuck in their teeth, and a plastic glass in their hand. Their activities are also typical: deceiving people into parting with their money, raising alarm in the street, drinking in public places, and having a serious talk and chilling out, of course.

Japan - Yankii

Yankii are working-class Japanese youngsters. They are not tough guys like the yakuza, of course. But they are famous for being loud, rude, and refusing to take part in the strict manners of Japanese culture. A few curious facts: they like to squat and listen to Japanese gangsta-rap (which is probably about hard lives) while drinking sake. They are fond of motorcycles, and they dye their hair blond or orange.

India - Tapori

Tapori are street thugs from Mumbai. Their motto: "Milking a dummy is saint." That is why their main activity is hustling tourists. They like to use a lot of hair gel, wear huge gold chains and teeth, flirt with chicks by whistling after them, and dream of becoming Bollywood stars. The latter, by the way, actively uses their grotesque prototype in movies.

Spain - Cani

It is very easy to spot a Southern-Spanish thug: they look as if they've just robbed a pawnshop (rings, gold chains, etc). They like to listen to loud music on public transport, and they wear T-shirts, unzipped jackets, and dark glasses, regardless of the weather. If it happens that a Cani has toned abs, then the T-shirt should be removed from the description above. They are stoned almost all day and are easy-going when it comes to starting a fight.

Scotland - Ned

Neds live in the poorer areas of Scottish suburbs. Unlike their English counterparts, these gentlemen are very aggressive and they can drink huge amounts of alcohol with very little effect. Their uniform is a sports suit, a knife, and a melancholic facial expression. Their activities include humiliating pranks and violence to unsuspecting people.

Israel - Ars

Arsim is a unique phenomenon in thug subculture because they are mostly religious. They often prefer national headwear to the standard baseball cap. The rest is the same. They start fights in public places, hit on chicks, drive customized cheap cars, listen to Israeli rap, drink booze, and wear a lot of gold.

South Africa - Zef

In the past, Zefs were wealthy but uneducated snobs who drove Ford Zephyrs. Then they degraded, but they still try to demonstrate style and wealth. To make it easy for you to understand, it can be a car customized with fur, for example. By the way, the members of the band Die Antwoord are Zefs.

Russia - Gopnik

A Russian gopnik is a small predator of the criminal world. They like to talk about "unheterosexual" preferences with the people around them. Then, depending on the opponent's answers, they either grab some money or show respect. The unique trick of Gopniks is the world famous Russian haunches.

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