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Internet Users Created a List of the Most Beautiful Hollywood Bombshells of All Time

There's a reason why so many millions watch the Oscars, it's the peak of glamour and good looks. Since the dawn of Hollywood, talented actresses have charmed audiences and their beauty has been a major fact behind that. So today we'll present to you a ranking of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood made by you, their public.

Join Bright Side in this countdown, and let these bombshells captivate you.

33. Brooke Shields

32. Jaclyn Smith

31. Rachel McAdams

30. Nicole Kidman

29. Madeleine Stowe

28. Kim Basinger

27. Diane Lane

26. Monica Bellucci

25. Jane Seymour

24. Vivien Leigh

23. Ann-Margret

22. Jacqueline Bisset

21. Catherine Deneuve

20. Jessica Biel

19. Catherine Zeta-Jones

18. Rita Hayworth

17. Sharon Stone

16. Jennifer Connelly

15. Ursula Andress

14. Rachel Weisz

13. Raquel Welch

12. Elizabeth Hurley

11. Hedy Lamarr

10. Kim Novak

9. Charlize Theron

8. Sophia Loren

7. Natalie Wood

6. Michelle Pfeiffer

5. Brigitte Bardot

4. Marilyn Monroe

3. Elizabeth Taylor

2. Audrey Hepburn

1. Grace Kelly

We certainly got some fashion and make-up inspiration from these gorgeous bombshells. So tell us, what do you think makes women so beautiful? Discuss in the comments!

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