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Learn the Story of the Brazilian Secretary Who Recreates Celebrity Photos in a Humorous Way

Renata Neia, a secretary from Colinas do Tocantins in Brazil, was having some issues with her self-esteem after gaining a lot of weight during her second pregnancy. However, she found a creative and relaxed way to deal with it. One random day, she decided to take a picture, posing like a celebrity, and publish it on social media. Initially, her idea was to see if the diet she was on was actually working. But she didn’t expect what happened next when it caught the attention of hundreds of netizens. Renata attracted a large number of followers, including actress Giovanna Antonelli, who Renata is a fan of, and who she has met personally. Today, the protagonist of this story considers herself happy with her body and feels beautiful.

Bright Side is also a fan of Renata, and we want to show you some of her photographs so that, like her, you can see the bright side of life and learn to deal with things through humor.

1. Imitating Ivete Sangalo

2. Modeling with Renata Kuerten

3. Joelma, you need to keep your eyes open.

4. Deborah Secco changing a light bulb

5. Patricia Poeta could lose her spot on the podium of fame, don’t you think?

6. “Paula Fernandes should watch out... I’m going to start taking guitar lessons because I already have the looks and the landscape!”

7. When someone gifts you with your mini-doppelgänger:

8. “Home workout”

9. “Because I also own a Volvo.”

10. Everyone starts off the year in their own way, right Alessandra Ambrosio?

11. Nothing relaxes you better than a bath. If you don’t believe me, ask Izabel Goulart.

12. “Look at this photo I took. It’s ‘Gio’ and me... with red shoes!”

13. “We all want to be as pretty as Taís Araújo.”

14. “Girl, how’s your diet going?

Me: I’m just eating some snacks.”

What do you think of Renata’s idea? Do you know someone who also deals with their life with a sense of humor like she does? Tell us in the comment section!

Preview photo credit renata_neia/ Instagram
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