Meet a 12-Year-Old Boy Who Founded His Own Private School for Children in Need

Nicanor Quinteros is just like any boy his age. He lives with his grandmother Ramona, goes to school, and likes milk and cookies. He would be no different from the others if it weren’t for one thing: Nicanor runs his own school, which he founded to help other children with their studies. This initiative has been in existence for 4 years.

We at Bright Side believe that good actions, however small they may be, serve to make this world a better place. That’s why today we want to share this story with all of you.

When Nicanor Quinteros turned 9, he asked his grandmother if he could build a school next to their house. Some children at his neighborhood couldn’t go to school because they didn’t have the money to pay for transportation or even shoes to walk there, and some were even homeless. Nicanor’s grandmother gladly approved the idea and together they began to turn it into a reality.

In the backyard of his house, in the “Las Piedritas” neighborhood of Pocito, San Juan, Argentina, Nicanor and his grandmother built a school called “Patria y Unidad.” They used canvases and sticks to create the classrooms, fruit boxes to serve as chairs and folders, and recycled notebook sheets so that students could write and learn.

4 years have passed since then, and with the help of neighbors and kind people, Nicanor has been able to build 2 more classrooms, lockers, a blackboard, a small library, and a bell that alerts students to recess. Some of the professors are his own classmates and Nicanor even has his own principal’s office.

The children of “Las Piedritas” are very dedicated and determined in their studies and they always knock on the door of the principal before school to let him know that they arrived. The school has 36 students, and it’s clear that Nicanor serves as inspiration when it comes to studying. “It helped me to pass my grade, now I’m in third grade,” says one of Nicanor’s students.

However, Nicanor’s merits do not end there. He travels 4 kilometers by bicycle every day to get to his school. Nicanor does his best to help the children in their studies and sometimes he even runs the classes at night for those who cannot attend them at the regular time. In addition, he saves money from his allowance to provide tea and cookies to his students.

When the governor of San Juan went to meet Nicanor, he said: “We can’t believe that we have a hero here in Pocito.” And he’s absolutely right. Nicanor Quinteros has inspired many people, not just in Argentina, but around the world.

Stories like this one should not go unnoticed. Are there any unsung heroes in your country that you know about? We would love to hear more inspiring stories about people who do amazing things.

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