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Meet the most handsome man in the world!

The world's most handsome man was recently announced in Great Britain. This year's winner of the prestigious 'Mister World' beauty contest is called Rohit Khandelwal. He hails from India and is the first representative of this country to win the much-coveted title.

We at Bright Side offer our heartiest congratulations to Rohit and celebrate this hard-won victory by publishing a selection of Mister World 2016's most stunning photo portraits!

The hottest guy on Earth is 27. His Instagram account already has more than 150,000 subscribers, and the number is growing by the minute.

Rohit has long dreamed of winning the world's most famous male beauty pageant. His chance finally arrived last year, when he won the 'Mister India' title.

At this year's competition, India shared the podium with Puerto Rico and Mexico. Fernando Álvarez, a 21-year-old Puerto Rican, became the second most desired man in the world. A 26-year-old Mexican named Aldo Esparza Ramírez took third place.

Just a few years ago, Rohit's looks were far from ideal. He led an ordinary life, working as a technical support assistant at a computer technology company.

However, determination, desire for self-improvement, and constant exercise helped him turn himself into the personification of male beauty.

Nowadays, Rohit is conquering the international modeling world, pursuing a successful career in theater and the movies, and starring in TV series and adverts.

Mister World 2016 leads an active lifestyle and likes to travel.

Not only does this heartthrob possess great looks, he also has a kind heart. Rohit adores animals and wishes to own a dog. In the meantime, he gladly poses for photos with other people's pets.

The world's most desired man plans to return to India and continue to hone his modeling and acting talents.

What's more, Rohit wants to try his hand at directing.

Without a doubt, Rohit Khandelwal can teach us all a thing or two about willpower and determination! We have every belief in his abilities and wish him luck in achieving his dreams!

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