Nine inspirational celebrities who achieved success all on their own

The road to fame is not always easy. In fact, more often than not you have to live through a lot of hardship, avoid a serious break down, and only then can you follow your dream. These are exactly the principles that many famous people were committed to while striving for success, never minding the difficulties on the path.

Bright Side brings you several stories of such amazing people, who only became known worldwide thanks to their talent and resolution.

Joanne Rowling

The now globally famous writer and author of the series of books about a boy wizard had a troubled childhood - she had a strained relationship with her father, and her mother was often very sick. Following graduation from university, Joanne tried to find her place in the world and changed her jobs several times. Finally, in 1990, while on the train from Manchester to London, the idea came to her of writing a book about a school for wizards. However, life threw more and more trials at her, and she only managed to finish her book five years later. The novel was printed in 1997, and although the print run was tiny, it was named the best children's book of the year.

Jim Carrey

Jim's parents were far from wealthy, and even in his school years the boy had to work and help his mother and father. His debut as a comedian failed - he was 15 years old and tried his luck on the stage of a local stand up comedy club. However, he tried again two years later - and was successful. Then Jim decided to get himself on the silver screen, and moved to LA where he took up any opportunity to shoot, and auditioned for everything he could. Soon he got the leading role in Ace Ventura, a low-cost comedy. The interesting fact here is that many famous actors declined this particular role, but it was this character that made Jim Carrey a star.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore's road to glory was long and full of hardship. In her teenage years, she left school to work in a model agency, but soon decided that she wanted to be an actress, and starred in several teenage movies, although only in supporting roles. However, Demi didn't give up, and once she got the lead role in Ghost, she began to find fame and recognition.

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo had her fair share of difficulties on the path to success. The future star's parents weren't rich, but they tried to give their children all they could need. As a kid, Jennifer loved dancing and singing, which bore its fruit eventually. Having received her secondary education, she started working in a law firm, but soon gave it up and took up dancing classes in a well-known school. Jennifer's parents did not approve of their daughter's interests, so she left her home. The girl was a backup dancer to world stars, then got a few minor roles in movies, and her talent didn't go unnoticed - eventually, she became a popular singer and actress.

Tom Cruise

Tom was born into a regular family that had no particular amount of wealth or powerful acquaintances. Even in his childhood years, Tom had to work after school to help his mother. When he was 18, he decided to become an actor, and went to New York in pursuit of this dream. Without even a penny, Tom actively sought work in the movies, but because of his low stature, he always lost out to his taller rivals. However, in a couple of years he got a role in Risky Business, which finally gave him a head start.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion had been into music since early childhood - even her name is a tribute to a song, Celine. She often sang at family get-togethers, and when she was 12, she made her first demo. Once, her brother Michel saw an advertisement from a music manager, and they sent Celine's recording to him. When the manager heard the girl's singing, he was fascinated by her voice, and resolved to make a star out of her. And that was how Celine began her musical career.

Daniel Craig

A famous British actor, Daniel Craig is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, but few know that he was not actually born with this ambition. Daniel knew even as a child that he wanted to be an actor - he started performing on the theater stage at the age of six. After graduating from acting college, he began shooting in movies, which initially brought him little success. However, in a few years he got the role of a villain in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and from that moment his career sky-rocketed.

Jennifer Aniston

Before she became a popular actress, Jennifer Aniston had worked as a courier, waitress, and participated in several Broadway performances. She got her first TV role in 1990, and then starred in a horror movie that was crushed by critics. The girl was already thinking of quitting when she got approved for one of the leading roles in Friends, which was the turning point of her career.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah was raised in a poor family, and she says she didn't even have toys as a little girl. However, despite all the odds, the future celebrity knew exactly what she wanted from her life. At the age of 17, she won a public speaking contest and obtained a grant to study at university. Then she worked as a co-presenter on a news program, and when she was 29, she was offered a job as the anchor of a morning program with extremely low ratings. Oprah breathed new life into it, and in just one month her ratings grew so much they beat the most popular talk-show of the time. Soon the program was renamed to The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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