People From All Over the World Have Been Sharing Photos of Their Grandparents, and, You Know, Their Beauty Is Stunning

Users from all over the world have been sharing old photos of their grandparents, and Bright Side shares them with you. Just look at these attractive people at the peak of their youth in the last century.

When you look at these photos, geography and history stop being so abstract and distant. You quickly realize that all the photos you have seen in books are not mere pictures but actual real life.


"My grandmother (on the left) was a Persian Jew. In this photo, she and her relatives dressed up and went to a studio to take the picture."


"My grandmother and my grandfather are trying to make a beautiful photo with their children." (Tokyo, 1967)


"My grandmother (on the left), her older brother and sister, her mother, and her grandmother right before they left Italy in 1920."

Gypsies (Europe and Russia)

"My great-great-grandmother lived in a Russian Gypsy camp in the 1890s."


"I found this old photo. The lady at the top is my great-grandmother."

New Zealand

"Can you imagine that my Maori grandmother used to carry my mother like this?"


"This is what traditional wedding dresses looked like in Indonesia in 1942."


"My great-grandmother (on the right) survived the Armenian genocide."


"This is one of the few pictures of my grandmother that I have. She was from a Muslim family, and my grandfather was Christian. Back then, such relationships were extremely rare, and they were frowned upon. A few years after my father was born, she disappeared."


"My trendy grandfather in the '70s. It looks like he is proud of his shoes."


"Look at my grandfather wearing a kilt. This was taken during the First World War."


"My grandmother, grandfather, and his brother during the Mexican Revolution."


"A rare family photo. My grandmother was a military nurse, and my father was a tanker."

Sami (Sweden and Finland)

"My grandfather, Johan Knutson Stoor, at the end of the 19th century. In this place, there is a famous Swedish ice hotel. My grandfather's native language was Sami, and I speak it a little too."


"Marzet, my grandmother. The 2 girls are her husband's sisters. Their names were Mishurat and Sigirt."


Антон Горшков/adme

"My great-grandmother and great-grandfather, Natalia and Panphil."

South Korea

"My serious-looking grandfather and grandmother during their traditional Korean wedding in the '50s."

North America

"Mad Bear was a tribesman of the Assiniboine, and he was my great-grandfather."

Bonus: This is what our grandparents looked like just a very short time ago...

And this is Brigitte Bardot when she was young (in 1955).

A hippie girl selling flowers in 1973!

Do you have photos of your grandparents when they were young? If you'd like to, share them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Philippe Halsman, Imgur
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