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People Shared How Stepparents Changed Their Lives, and It’s More Than Can Be Put Into Words

Being a stepparent is a hard job. There are many difficulties, starting with the child’s adjustment and possible rejection, and ending with having no rights to them if the marriage dissolves. It is the heart’s choice to become a stepparent. People who got lucky to get the best stepparents in the world shared their experience, and it’s impossible to stay silent about it.

Here at Bright Side we got inspired by these heartwarming stories that internet users shared about their stepparents, and we want to thank them, from all their children.

Thank you for finding your children.

Being a parent is more than just giving birth to someone. It’s about following them through their lives, seeing their first steps, being with them when they’re sick, sharing their graduation day, and giving them your heart. You may have found these children a little bit later, but you did, and you did it once and forever.

  • “Any man can make a child and stick his name on the birth certificate. It takes a real man, like you, to step up and care for a child who is not his own. Your love is in fact, a choice.” @KatelynMiller
  • “My ex-stepmom still tells me she loves me... She will always be a part of my family.” @Whisper

Thank you for your love.

There is no such thing as “your children” and “not your children.” They’re all the same, and you love them equally and unconditionally. You give every piece of yourself, no matter what it takes. You are committed to love and care forever, and there’s no way back.

  • “My stepdad married my mom, who is 10 years older than him and had 4 children. When my youngest brother, their common son, was born, I told him that I was so happy he finally got his own child. He hugged me and said we were all his own.”
  • “My stepmom asked me if I would be ok with her adding my name to her tattoo for her kids. I cried.” @Whisper

Thank you for being the best role model.

Children learn from their parents, taking on their behavior in different situations. It is crucial for them to have someone they can look up to, and you make a great example of care and selflessness. You prove every day that divorce doesn’t ruin a family — it just gives someone another chance to make it complete.

  • “My father took all of us 3 girls and our mother in to his loving care. He raised me as his own. I grew up thinking he was my biological father and to this day, I couldn’t agree more. He worked for us and it’s always been that way.” @Quora
  • “One of my first memories with my stepdad was shopping. We were all walking through the mall and I saw a stuffed bunny and fell in love with it. Before I knew it, he’d disappeared and reappeared, proudly presenting the bunny to me. I loved it so much. My real dad never even listened to me, so this gesture was alien and made me so incredibly happy.” @Quora

Thank you for changing lives.

From the day you entered your new world, you changed the fates of your partner and your children. For those who are lucky enough to have maintained their relationship with their biological parent, you’ve become an extra parent, another person who unconditionally loves them. For others, you’ve become someone they didn’t have. Thank you for the laughs, the support, the love, and for giving your family the life they may not have ever dreamed about.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. Your kids love you infinitely.

  • My step mother had a huge heart and was one of the sweetest and most caring people I have ever met. She turned my dad from the mean, abusive man I grew up with, into a sweet soul who doesn’t drink or even curse. Best of all, she never called us stepchildren. She would introduce us as her children. @Quora
  • “My biological father neglected me for the majority of my childhood. My mom married a guy who makes me laugh every day and makes me feel loved. He’s perfect.” @Whisper
  • I honestly hate that Disney portrays stepmothers as “wicked.” My stepmom is more of a mom than my biological one. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. @Whisper

Do you have stepparents? Tell us your own story about how they changed your life. And don’t forget to tag them and to tell them how much you love them.

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