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Ryan Reynolds Congratulated His Wife on Her Birthday With a Series of Photos, and It Wasn’t That Cute


We all know that both Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have an incredible sense of humor. They always prank and troll each other on the internet, entertaining their followers. For example, do you remember the way Ryan congratulated his wife on Valentine’s Day? “I baked this cake for my wife. The icing is glue, ’cause I’m not a scientist.” he wrote on his Instagram. As for Blake, she posted a picture of Christmas cookies made by her husband and wrote, “He’s very handsome though.” We bet Reynolds was dying for it to be his wife’s birthday! Why? It’s a new reason to laugh at Lively!

Bright Side couldn’t wait to show you this post from Reynolds. We have to warn all men: don’t try this at home, it can be really dangerous!

The couple has an extraordinary tradition of congratulating each other.

It all started with Blake’s 30th birthday. Ryan posted a photo where Lively was cut off. He also wrote, “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.”

Blake decided to get revenge and, on her husband’s birthday, posted a picture on her Twitter where he was depicted with Ryan Gosling. But she cut off the birthday boy and wrote, “Happy birthday, baby.”

On August 25, Blake Lively turned 32, and here’s what her husband got for her:

A day ago, Ryan posted a series of photos of his wife. This could be a cute photo gallery full of love if all the pictures weren’t ruined. Here they are:

All the photos are ones that Blake definitely wouldn’t set as her profile picture.

It’s a nice hat, but we can hardly even see Blake.

We bet Lively wasn’t expecting to be photographed.

It would have been a great shot if the model hadn’t blinked at that moment.

And this one.

Not all candid photos are great.

But what’s in her basket? Is it a cat?

Some people look gorgeous even in seemingly terrible photos, and Blake Lively is one of them.

By the way, how does Ryan manage to always look perfect?

We wonder if Blake was against the fact that 32 million followers would see this picture.

Nevertheless, the post caused a storm of applause as usual. There are more than 5 million likes and new comments appearing every minute.

Gigi Hadid, Finn Wolfhard, and Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld joined the trend and congratulated the actress too. Millie Bobby Brown who stars in Stranger Things wrote, “Haha! Happy birthday! She’s still always so beautiful.”

Even Blake’s sister Robin Lively wrote in the comments, “Nailed it.”

After this event, we’re all waiting for Reynold’s birthday, which will be on October 23, to see what his wife is preparing for him.

Do you ever troll each other in your family? What is the funniest “gift” you’ve ever gotten?

Preview photo credit vancityreynolds / Instagram