Ten heartwarming stories about simple human kindness

Every good deed is a breath of fresh air for our planet. People who do at least one small good deed a day give this world a whole new chance. That's why none of these stories should go unnoticed!

Bright Side collected some new stories about kindness to inspire you to accomplish small, but vital deeds.

An Australian policeman took in an orphaned kangaroo

Officer Mason found a baby kangaroo in a remote part of Western Australia. It was lying on the roadside next to its dead mother, who had been hit by a car. The man took the scrawny and dehydrated animal to the police department and fostered it for 18 months until it made a total recovery.

A man took elderly animals from an animal shelter

Steve Greig not only loves — he actually adores — animals, and he considers it unfair that old and sick pets have to live out their lives in a shelter. His mission is taking care of these animals deemed to be 'undesirable' pets by others. Now he has nine older dogs, Bikini the pig, two chickens, two ducks, two pigeons, a few cats and a rabbit, and they all live at his house in Denver.

Hugh Jackman rescues people on an Australian beach

Australian actor Hugh Jackman rescued a drowning child and helped several people get out of a dangerous rip current that emerged at low tide at one of Sydney's beaches. First, Jackman saved a girl from a wave, then he helped a man reach the shore, and only after that he helped his son, 15-year-old Oscar, get out of the water.

A woman created a device to keep blind dogs safe

Silvie Bordeaux has a blind dog named Muffin. She invented a special ring that goes around blind dogs' heads in order to prevent pets from hitting their heads on things. The invention was a success, and now the woman produces a whole line of rings in different sizes and colors for other poor pets to have more chances to live a happy life with their families.

An old lady calmed an aggressive man in the subway

An imposing man began to behave aggressively, curse, shout and rush through the subway car. Everyone was frightened, except a 70-year-old woman, who tightly gripped his hand and held it until he calmed down and sat down quietly with tears in his eyes. The man who took the photo asked why she reacted like that, and he got an unexpected answer: 'I'm a mother of two sons at about his age, and I know how life treats them sometimes, and all they need at this very moment is not to feel lonely.'

A vet saved a dog by eating his breakfast in a crate

Having decided to save an exhausted dog who was afraid of people and refused to eat, vet Andy Mathis figured out how to earn her trust. The man climbed into the crate, put the bowl in front of her, and began eating his breakfast next to the dog. Gradually, she dared to come closer, and then began to eat. She adapted, and it saved her life.

Leonardo DiCaprio is helping protect Sumatran elephants

Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his activity in the field of environmental protection. This time, the actor went to the island of Sumatra to speak in support of Gunung Leuser National Park, which is the best shelter for elephants, orangutans, tigers and rhinos.

A designer created 3,500 birdhouses

Danish designer Thomas Dambo finds new uses for things that otherwise would be thrown out. For example, over the past seven years, he managed to make more than 3,500 birdhouses from discarded wooden planks. His desire was to enable birds to stay in the city and have their own homes.

Zookeepers baked a cake for a fox

This white fox named Vesna lives in the Krasnoyarsk zoo, 'Roev Ruchey,' in Russia. The zookeepers baked her a birthday cake made from her favorite food. The cake looked nice, and Vesna was satisfied with the present.

A woman who loves her job

The oldest Russian surgeon, Alla Levushkina, is 87 years old, but she isn't in a hurry to retire - she still does more than 100 surgeries a year. The most stunning fact is that for all the time that she's been working there, none of her patients have died. She seems to be a really great surgeon!

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