Ten heartwarming stories that prove there’s more good in the world than we think

We at Bright Side love nothing more than to hear about stories of kindness. They remind us that, whatever's going on in this life, there are always many good people out there committed to making the world a better place. There really is enough kindness and sincerity out there to cancel out all the bad stuff. Here are ten such stories about people who have made the world a little brighter.

The 'prom in jeans' that collected money to save children.

For the third year in a row, final-year students at a school in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov collectively decided not to organize an expensive prom. Instead, they gave the money they saved to charity. Their act of generosity will provide much-needed support to a hospital that treats children with heart problems.

Some first graders saved up money to help heal their favorite teacher.

The students at this school were shocked to learn that their favorite teacher, Olga, had fallen ill with cancer. They initially sent her cards with messages of support, but they soon moved on to something far more practical: they began to sell trinkets at school, raising more than $6,000 to support her. Thanks to this heartwarming act, Olga has the strength to fight her illness.

A man donated his kidney to save his best friend's life.

Kaid Mohammed and John Relf have been friends since they were children. When John fell ill and needed a live kidney transplant, it seemed that his chances of survival were slim. But Kaid was there for his old friend when he needed him the most. He donated his kidney, and John survived.

An injured turtle receives a new 3D-printed shell.

When a turtle which now goes by the name Freddie was found in a bush in Brazil after a fire, he had little chance of survival. But thanks to modern technology and the work of a dedicated group of surgeons, his life was saved when he received the first 3D-printed shell ever produced. The achievements of science and the kindness of ordinary people did a great job here.

A guy surprised his mom by taking her to his prom.

People living in Ohio were touched to learn recently how a young man decided to take his mother to his school prom rather than a classmate. It turned out that his mom had had a tough childhood, where life's joys were few and far between. So her caring son decided to arrange this little surprise for her. He said he gave her what she had never had as a sign of his gratitude for all she had done for him.

Caring strangers help a boy achieve his dreams.

This young man was forced to use some old tires to do his exercises. He had always dreamed of becoming a footballer, but his family couldn't afford to buy him expensive gym equipment to get in shape. When his predicament came to light online, it turned out there were plenty of kind people willing to help him. Now he has the chance to train using proper equipment, and he can pursue his dream.

Toys to make kids happy.

Hollywood actor Charlie Cox, the star of the Daredevil TV series, recently visited a children's hospital. He asked a toy company to provide him with a few action figures from the show to hand out to the kids. But the kind people at the company sent him not just a few, but a whole mountain of toys - enough for all the kids in the hospital.

The dog that saves its young owner's life every day.

This remarkable dog named Jedi can feel changes in the body of his seven-year-old owner, a boy who has diabetes, better than any medical equipment. As soon as the boy's blood sugar begins to rise or fall, his faithful dog lets his mom know. Jedi has been helping to save the boy's life in this way for three years already.

A tent full of kindness.

This tent recently appeared in a big city. The idea is to leave things there which you no longer need but which might come in handy for others. That way, complete strangers share their resources and help each other out. A great idea!

The man who saved 450 dogs.

One day, this guy got so tired of seeing homeless dogs everywhere that he decided to set up a shelter for them. The chances are that without him, all of these animals would long ago have been put down. He managed to reach an agreement with someone to turn some old barns into a new home for the dogs, and now more than 400 former strays live there, healthy and happy.

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