The 21 most eligible and attractive celebrity bachelors of 2016

Every year, magazines and tabloids around the world compile a list of the most attractive unmarried celebrities, including of both those who don’t find marriage appealing and those who are in relationship but have just never got around to popping the question. However, these guys are successful, talented, handsome and smart and there is still a slight hope for all the ladies out there to get together with their idol someday.

We at Bright Side found the 21 most eligible and handsome male stars who are still in search for Mrs. Right. So remember, single ladies, be on the look out!

Bradley Cooper, 41 years old

Henry Cavill, 32 years old

Michael Fassbender, 39 years old

Kit Harington, 29 years old

Jake Gyllenhaal, 35 years old

Colin Farrell, 39 years old

James Franco, 38 years old

Keanu Reeves, 51 years old

Prince Henry of Wales, 31 years old

Kellan Lutz, 31 years old

Chris Pine, 35 years old

Jeremy Renner, 45 years old

Gerard Butler, 46 years old

Jared Leto, 44 years old

Chris Evans, 34 years old

Leonardo DiCaprio, 41 years old

Theo James, 31 years old

Ed Westwick, 28 years old

Zac Efron, 28 years old

Alexander Skarsgard, 39 years old

Tom Cruise, 53 years old

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