There Are 4 Figure Types, and We’ve Found the Perfect Dress for Each of Them

The female figure, and the shape of the buttocks in particular, is determined by 4 genetic factors: the position of the pelvis and bones, fat distribution, the size and shape of the gluteal muscles, and the way the muscles are attached to the hip bone. This means we can make our body more elastic, increase its volume or remove excess fat, and pick the perfect outfit for our figure. But we will most likely not be able to make a circle out of a triangle.

However, we can still strive for perfection, and Bright Side has found the best clothes for each type of figure.

Square shape

The line of the pelvic bone and thigh bone is flat, and there is no sharp transition to the waist, making the figure look square. If your buttocks are small and there is no clear waist-hips-thighs transition, the chances are you are the owner of a "square" shape.

Which dress to choose

Choose multi-layer dresses that create a volume effect. You might also pay attention to velvet fabrics. If the dress has a bow that can be elegantly tied at the back, this is a safe and easy way to add volume where you think it's lacking.

Round shape

The hips look quite big in comparison to the rest of your figure. If you turn sideways in front of the mirror, you can see that your buttocks are evenly bulky from the top to the bottom of the buttock and the transition to the hip.

Which dress to choose

It's a sin to hide such beauty, but if you want to decrease the volume just a little bit, we recommend choosing dresses flared at the bottom. There is a simple rule here: the wider the bottom, the narrower the hips seem. This will serve as a good distraction. Deep neckline, quaint collars, and voila! Round, bulky shapes are less conspicuous.

Upside-down heart

People with this type of figure have a small upper part of the buttocks, and most of the volume is concentrated lower down. The transition from the waist to the hips is sharp, and there is nothing superfluous on the sides. This feminine type of figure is the result of the distribution of fat on the lower part of the buttocks and thighs due to high levels of estrogen.

Which dress to choose

When choosing a dress, give preference to the "empire" style with a high waist. Straight fitting knee-length dresses will also look great due to the fact that the accents will be placed on the chest and waist, showing the thigh line in a favorable way.

V-shaped (upside-down triangle)

The lines of the hips and pelvis taper to the bottom, and the figure looks like an inverted triangle. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, chances are you have V-shaped buttocks.

Which dress to choose

When choosing a dress, make sure that the fabric is light and flowing and gathered under the breasts. Short silk retro dresses will look great too.

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Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for Bright Side
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