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These 16 Touching Stories Prove that Kindness Is Truly All Around Us

In today’s crazy world full of protests, conflicts and political instability, how can you retain your hope for a better future and be kind to others every day? How do you maintain a generous soul and a big heart when the whole world seems to be unfriendly and cruel? The answer is rather simple. Start with the small things. Try to give a helping hand to the one who needs it. It’s really not that hard to pay attention and to be a little kinder to one another. Most of the time, your selfless good deed will cost you nothing but it will definitely mean the world to someone.

These 15 stories prove that our world still has a chance.

We still have a chance as long as we have supportive classmates like these guys

This guy couldn’t come to his own prom, so his adorable classmates brought the prom to him.

We still have a chance as long as there are people who think of proposing like this

A great idea for joggers who decided to get married. This guy proposed to his girlfriend by tracking their running route. When they reached the finish point — that not-so-coincidentally was the place where they had their first date — he showed her this life-changing map.

This little guy’s name is Glenn Buratti. He’s six, and he’s autistic. Not so long ago he had his birthday. He and his mom invited 16 guests to his party, but not one of them showed up.

On that day his mother wrote on her Facebook page: ’My heart aches for my son. We invited his whole class, and they just ignored us.’ After she posted this, 15 people came to congratulate Glenn. But there were some special guests too — even local firemen and policemen came with presents, and treated Glenn like a real superstar.

We still have a chance as long as we treat each other this way on the Internet

People laughed at this man who was dancing in the club by uploading his dancing photos online. They went viral on Twitter and resulted in epic dance party with Pharrell Williams and Moby, who lined up to show their support for the dancing man.

We still have a chance as long as there are athletes out there like this

Japanese mixed martial artist and kickboxer Genki Sudo, instead of displaying his county’s national flag, always shows up to contests with a very special banner that reads ’We are all one’.

This is Ben and Mary. They’ve been friends since elementary school and have always had a very special bond. Although Mary has Down’s syndrome, it has never stood in the way of their friendship. When they were in the fourth grade, Ben promised Mary that he would take her to the prom. Soon Mary changed school, but Ben never forgot about his promise. When the day came Ben did indeed take Mary to her prom. She was truly happy that day, and Ben kept an eye on her for the whole evening.

We still have a chance as long as we care for our kids

This great man from Scotland dresses up like Mel Gibson’s character from ’Braveheart’, William Wallace, and takes photos with tourists. He spends all the money he earns on helping kids who suffer from leukemia. So far he has donated more than one million pounds to a children’s leukemia fund.

In 2014, a black cat named Rademenes was sent to an animal shelter. He was in such a bad condition that the doctors there were ready to put him down, but Rademenes courageously fought for his life. Once he got better, Rademenes starting looking after other animals, and for him it didn’t matter at all if it was a cat or a dog.

We still have a chance as long as we are taught by teachers like this

It happened during a lecture given by Professor Sydney Engelberg. Many of his soon-to-become master students have kids. If they have no nanny or someone else to do babysitting, the professor allows the young moms to come to his lectures with their little ones. Once he even had to give his lecture with a baby in his arms. One of his students couldn’t calm her child down and asked to go out in order not to disturb others. Instead of letting her out, the professor took the baby and continued with his lecture. Surprisingly, the baby stopped crying and seemed to like the lecture too.

We still have a chance as long as we have medical services like this

A man had a heart attack while shoveling snow in front of his house. The paramedics who got him to the hospital later returned to his house and finished clearing the snow for him.

We still have a chance as long as we have neighbors like this

How nice to find a message like this: ’’This load is on me! Have a great day!’’

We still have a chance as long as garbage collectors feel this way

These three happy-go-lucky garbage collectors are having fun during their lunch break.

We still have a chance as long as we care about our four-legged friends like this

Someone spotted this kitty sleeping under the rain and gave him his umbrella.

We still have a chance as long as we care for each other

The author of the photo wrote: ’’Yesterday this pile of blankets was strewn all over the ground — filthy, partially wet and frozen, having been slept in the night before. I saw a city worker putting the stuff into what looked like a trash can. Then this morning I walk by the same spot and see the blankets had been washed and folded. Made me smile.’’

We still have a chance as long as we don’t care for each other’s skin color

Jax Rosebush, a 5-year-old schoolboy from Lousville, USA, told his mother that he wanted a close-crop haircut to look like his best buddy, Reddy, so that when they came to school their teacher wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. That would’ve been nothing but a little kid’s joke, if it hadn’t been for one small “but“: Jax is white and his friend Reddy is black.

He thought it would be so hilarious to confuse his teacher with the same haircut,” Jax’s mom, Lydia, wrote. “If this isn’t proof that hate and prejudice is something that is taught I don’t know what is. The only difference Jax sees in the two of them is their hair.”

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