These guys did something that every mother dreams of

When three brothers from Philadelphia uploaded some images online that reenacted some of their childhood photographs, they spread around the Internet like wildfire. The three guys recreated some of the brightest and most joyous moments of their early years, and then they made a calendar that they gave their mom for Christmas. She was so touched by the gift that she felt like laughing and crying at the same time.

We at Bright Side are sure that the brothers achieved something far more important than just giving their mom a calendar. They showed that they had been brought up to be friendly, caring, joyful, and positive. There is surely nothing more important for a parent than to see such qualities in their children.

This one little example once more shows that the world is full of kindness and light!

Smile, before a bird flies past!

I swear the bathtub was a little larger the first time we did this...

Is it me or are they wearing the exact same costumes?

These guys are champions at fancy dress!

What else can you do when there's a lot of us and only one chair?

Even the cake's the same!

I wish I knew what they were looking at!

Strange, we used to fit in here just fine...

We still fit in this one, though!

Dad knows what his son needs

My little brother's no longer little

He's still got the same smile

Based on materials from bonebowl / imgur
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