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This has to be the coolest gentleman on Instagram

There’s a charming man from Texas who’s currently captivating women around the world. And when you find out who he is, you’ll understand that age is no barrier to happiness and success.

Irvin Randle is known online as ’MrStealUrGrandma,’ and, judging by his photos, he has most likely lived up to this title more than once. A frequent visitor to the gym, Irvin exudes self-confidence and manly charm. Wherever he goes, be it a restaurant or the beach, he often finds himself surrounded by a female fan club.

On his Instagram page, Irvin regularly says ’hi’ to his fans and admits his love...for chocolate ice cream. He also regularly advises the younger men who make fun of him to go to the gym rather than indulge in envy. Take a look at his photos, and you might find you want to take up his suggestion!


At 54, this schoolteacher can not only cite passages from virtually any work of classical literature, but he can also wear skinny jeans with ease. As you can probably guess, he’s earned himself quite a following on Instagram.

Irvin is a fan of fast cars and, of course, beautiful women.

Irvin teaches at an elementary school. Many adults would probably find it hard to concentrate in his classes.

Maybe he’ll write a book about how to find the partner of your dreams.

Despite his popularity, Irvin does his best to be a good grandpa and look after his grandkids.

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