This inspirational woman proves that people are much stronger than they think

This inspirational woman proves that people are much stronger than they think

The life of Paola Antonini, a Brazilian model, changed forever two years ago, just a few days before Christmas. She was badly injured and lost her leg after being hit by a car. That would surely be enough to break anyone's spirits, but not Paola's. Instead of giving up and falling into depression, she proved to the whole world that people are strong enough to overcome any difficulties they encounter and live a vibrant life full of love, joy and adventure.

We often complain about life's little setbacks. Whether it's trouble at work or personal issues, our past mistakes or fear of the future, many things can dampen our spirits, preventing us from enjoying the present. But we here at Bright Side are sure: sometimes you just need to thank world for everything you have.

Paola's Instagram account is full of life-affirming photos showing how she lives her life to the fullest. 

Active living helps Paola to stay fit. She enjoys exercising, dancing, skateboarding and horse riding. Paola also travels a lot.

Despite everything, this brave and inspirational woman has continued to pursue her modeling career, regularly appears on TV shows, collaborates with major beauty brands and shows off her fashionable looks on Instagram. 

Paola stars in fashion shoots, and runs her own blog and Youtube channel as well. She also helps other people with disabilities to believe in themselves and never give up.

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