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This Is Rob, and His Invention Is Saving Thousands of Lives on the Planet

Just imagine that a person’s life can be saved not by the most advanced medical technology and skillful doctors, but by a new twist on old rules. Once, an Australian doctor, Rob Hackett took his scrub cap and wrote his name on it, “Rob, anesthetist” and things instantly changed.

We at Bright Side understand why he did this and why doctors all around the world are starting to do the same.

Rob’s idea was supported by medical students from the US and Great Britain right away. There were a lot of their photos on social media. All of them had something written on their caps. Hackett drew attention to the public to the risks of his patients caused by mistakes or by low levels of communication between doctors. So he suggested the simplest way to decrease the level of human influence.

Many of Rob’s older colleagues were quite skeptical about this at first. Some of them said something like, “Do you not remember what your name is?” But many of them also thought that the World Health Organization’s tradition of introducing doctors to each other before surgery was a stupid practice. They thought it was just a formality and nothing more.

Now, 1.5 years later, Rob is the only one laughing. He started a worldwide trend! Doctors all around the world support their Australian colleague, posting selfies wearing their caps with their names on them. They added the #TheatreCapChallenge hashtag.

The cap with a name on it can save a person’s life when you need to make a very quick decision. Sometimes, in critical situations, doctors can’t recognize their colleagues when all they can see is their eyes above their masks. And this is why they can confuse a name or forget it completely, especially if it’s a new doctor. Such a simple and quick solution can save the time necessary to exchange information between surgeons and their assistants.

Now, the “tagged” doctors show much better results in their work together. For example, in Great Britain, according to the latest studies, doctors remember their colleagues 2 times better now. Today, instead of 38%, 90% of doctors know their colleagues’ names.

This idea also improved patients’ lives. For example, women waiting to undergo a C-section can feel a little calmer when they know the names and the jobs of every single person around them.

Also, reusing the caps several times instead of just throwing them away after each use can have a positive effect on the environment. A hospital with 20 operating rooms throws away about 100,000 caps per year. They are made of viscose which is pretty harmful to the environment. Using the hats more will also cut the financial costs in the hospital by quite a bit.

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Preview photo credit Rob Hackett
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