This Is What the Most Famous Rock Rebels and Freaks of the 2000s Look Like Today

We at Bright Side have lately been indulging in nostalgia, remembering the alternative music icons, rebels, and freaks whose posters once adorned our rooms. We loved these crazy guys and their music. They sure added vibrancy and excitement to our youth!

We hope you'll enjoy both remembering those heady times and finding out what our icons look like today!

Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel

Then: Neither a boy nor a girl.

Now: Looks more like a boy than a girl, although this is still open to debate.

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy

Then: An amusing pretty boy.

Now: A cool pretty boy.

Ville Valo from HIM

Then: A damn handsome man with lipstick and eyeliner.

Now: A damn handsome man without lipstick. The eyeliner is still in place, though.

Marilyn Manson

Then: The spawn of Hell and embodiment of evil.

Now: Professor Severus Snape's cousin.

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance

Then: The Groom from Corpse Bride.

Now: A nice boy.

Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte

Then: These guys were so unbelievably cool, they had problems believing it themselves.

Now: To sort out the coolness question once and for all, they went and joined a biker gang.

Till Lindemann from Rammstein

Then: A pumped-up freak and experimenter.

Now: A slightly bloated but no less impressive freak and experimenter.

Lauri Ylonen from The Rasmus

Then: A cute Nordic troll with sad eyes.

Now: Just a cute guy.

Chester Bennington from Linkin Park

Then: A dangerous guy.

Now: A cheerful hipster.

Avril Lavigne

Then: One of the biggest rebels on the block.

Now: A fashionable chick and all-around cutie.

Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit

Then: A hooligan and a bully.

Now: A style-conscious pensioner with a life-wisened gaze.

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool from Green Day

Then: Cheerful punks.

Now: The same cheerful punks but with less eyeliner and black nail polish.

Amy Lee from Evanescence

Then: A gothic diva.

Now: A blossoming lady.

We'd love to read your comments on this article. Which musicians were your favorites at school and in university? We really want to know!

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