This Is What Women in Different Countries Actually Wear

Life is full of stereotypes, but we at Bright Side like to dispel popular myths. For example, we are used to thinking that Eastern women wear exclusively black. We believe that French ladies like berets and that Italian fashionistas can't go a single day without shopping. However, these ideas have nothing to do with reality.

To prove it, we invite you on a journey through fashion preferences of women across the planet.


Although Iran’s laws require that all women wear headscarves when going out in public, modern fashionistas here are given more freedom in choosing what to wear compared to ladies in other Eastern countries. Very often women in Iran pick and match clothes to create unforgettable outfits with oriental style notes.


It's true that some Japanese girls love dressing like anime characters and therefore put on short skirts and high platforms. However, this type of clothing is only worn by some subculture representatives. Most women in Japan still prefer elegant outfits with charming details that make their style unique and chic. They adore cute socks, straight silhouettes, and beautiful accessories.


Parisian chic is all about laconic shapes and stylish designs. Simple outfits adorned with intricate accents, mischievous combinations, an absence of pretentious and flashy logos, and, of course, a touch of feminine frivolity are what makes Parisian women stand out in their style.


Contrary to popular belief, not all Italian women wear designer dresses and like massive accessories. In fact, such outfits can be seen more often on runways than in real life. In general, fashionistas in Italy dress according to their age: younger people prefer casual brands while older ladies choose to wear more elegant clothes. In this country, all women take care of themselves and update their wardrobe on a regular basis.


Russian girls are famous worldwide for their unmatched beauty. The first reason for this is the ethnic diversity of the country. Second, Russian women love to look attractive, and they devote much time to their looks. Meeting an elegantly dressed lady walking down the street in high heels when the temperature outside is far below zero is a common thing here. In recent times, however, female residents of big cities are increasingly giving preference to comfortable clothes. But fashionistas in Russia still don't forget about style and femininity.

Great Britain

Do you still think that British women wear classic coats and tartan fabrics on a daily basis? Certainly not! Girls here know how to mix and match pieces that are seemingly unmatchable. They aren't afraid to experiment with styles and love to add bright accents to their looks. English women always stay one step ahead of world fashion, and they don't care about trends because London is the place where trends are born.


Fashion in this country is changing very rapidly. Not long ago, China was a nation of shopaholics where girls snapped up everything in sight. Today, however, Chinese women are developing their own style. Chinese fashionistas love clothes with logos, bright accents, and beautiful jewelry. They are not afraid to experiment and always look for something different.

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