This Saudi Arabian princess ruins all the stereotypes about women in the Middle East

Ameerah Al Taweel is a 33-year-old princess of Saudi Arabia who inspires with her desire to make this world better. We at Bright Side couldn't help but share this amazing story with our readers.

Princess Ameerah is a beautiful, confident, brave, and purposeful woman. She deals with humanitarian problems not only in Saudi Arabia, but all over the world. She has visited more than 70 countries to understand and solve the major problems of the world.

The Princess fights poverty and the consequences of disasters. She takes part in charitable organizations, set up a shelter in West Africa, provided assistance to the flood victims in Pakistan, opened the Centre of Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge, and led a mission to help Somalia.

She was among the first women in her country who refused abayas - long loose dresses hiding the whole body - and started to wear European clothes. However, in her refined modern outfits we can often notice a touch of the traditional style. 

Style isn't the only thing that differs between Princess Ameerah's way of living and the traditional way. She drives a car, has a higher education obtained in the United States, as well as a degree in Business Administration. The Princess thinks that all the women of her country should have the right to choose in these issues, and she tries to make this a reality.

Princess Ameerah is the perfect example of a person who combines incredible beauty, a supple mind, and a kind heart. Such people definitely make this world better.

Preview photo credit Ameerah Al Taweel / facebook
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