What Stars of Popular Memes Look Like in Real Life

Memes have a powerful presence in this day and age. Young people spend up to 9 hours a day on social platforms, where memes have now become a form of communication. But it’s not just us they have an impact on — sometimes memes also change the lives of the people that are in them. Did you know that Grumpy Cat made her owner a multi-millionaire?

Here at Bright Side we decided to share with you some pictures and facts about people you’ve most likely seen in these popular memes.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

In 2012, Zeddie Little was running an annual 10K race in Charleston, South Carolina, when his picture was taken. Several days later, his online fame as Ridiculously Photogenic Guy earned him national and international media coverage, including an appearance on Good Morning America.

Zeddie said he felt honored to be part of a joke with such positive vibes.

First World Problems

First World Problems, a tongue-in-cheek meme about trivial everyday frustrations, has several templates, with the most viral and recognizable one being a stock image of a crying brunette woman. The woman’s name is Silvia Bottini, and she’s an Italian model and actress.

Despite being the face of one of the most popular memes ever, Silvia has yet to speak about her internet fame.

Roll Safe/Think About It

It wasn’t his critically acclaimed web mockumentary series Hood Documentary that made actor Kayode Ewumi globally famous — it was just one screenshot from the series that did. Roll Safe became one of the most viral memes of 2017, with the image usually accompanied by supposedly clever but questionable advice.

Kayode hasn’t spoken yet about his viral fame.

Cash Me Ousside/Howbow Dah

“Cash me ousside, howbow dah” (“Catch me outside, how about that?”) is a catchphrase said by Danielle Bregoli, who challenged the audience to a fight on The Dr. Phil Show in 2016. She was brought to the show by her mom, who needed Dr. Phil’s help with her problematic teenage daughter.

The girl’s abrasiveness and thick accent made her famous, and she managed to turn her newfound fame into a lucrative career. In 2017, she released a successful rap single, which led to a multi-album recording contract with a major record label.

Hide The Pain Harold

When Hungarian András Arató modeled for a series of stock photos back in 2011, he had no idea that 3 years later those pictures would become viral and he would forever be known as Hide The Pain Harold (or simply Harold or Maurice).

András has fully accepted his unexpected fame. He likes meeting his fans and is active on several social media platforms where he reposts his favorite Harold memes. He said his seemingly pained facial expression was a result of his face getting tired after a long modeling session.

Ancient Aliens

TV personality and alien expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos gained global fame after a screenshot from TV series called Ancient Aliens first became viral in 2011. The meme exaggerates his tendency to explain inexplicable phenomena as a result of alien activity.

Giorgio says the memes always make him laugh, and he appreciates that people go through the effort of creating them.

Math Lady / Confused Lady

The screenshots of actress Renata Sorrah from a Brazilian telenovela called Senhora De Destino became the internet’s favorite way to convey confusion, with the meme rising to international fame after math equations were added to the pictures.

Renata hasn’t yet addressed her internet fame.

Bonus: Grumpy Cat

Easily the most recognizable cat ever, Grumpy Cat rose to fame in 2012. The cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce. Due to a feline form of dwarfism, her face has an unusual annoyed expression, which people all over the world find endearing and relatable.

Tardar made her owner Tabatha Bundesen a multi-millionaire through merchandise, book and advertisement deals, and paid appearances. The cat has yet to address her worldwide fame. :)

Were you surprised by how some of these people’s lives changed thanks to memes? Do you think you would recognize the people behind your favourite memes if you saw them casually walking down the street?

Preview photo credit shutterstock, painharold / instagram
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