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12 Bizarre Things You Need to Know About China

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As someone who travelled different parts of China, I can say these facts are absolutely true. Many a time when I ask for a road or directions from a local, they stop where they were going/doing, and they accompany me to the destination (if they can't describe the route well in English), sometimes over 1 km or more! I didn't know some hotels can't accept foreigners!

Usually when I befriend with a local who can speak English, I would ask that person to write me some essential phrases in Chinese (and I write the meaning in English) and get their phone number. If I am lost in an area where no one could speak English, then I request someone (a local) to call my friend's number (you don't need to speak, just show the number and use sign language). Then through the phone I can tell my friend what I want and then my friend will tell the local person, in Chinese. The local will tell the directions, to my friend in Chinese. My friend will translate it to English and instruct me! Complicated? :-) Not really! Every Chinese has a smart phone and they don't mind allowing you to use it.

If they can understand basic English, then I ask them to switch their mobile wi-fi hotspot, so that I can use his/her wi-fi to connect my phone to the internet (for free). Usually it is difficult to buy a local SIM card in China, for a foreigner. So, unless you are ready to pay roaming charges, you can't use your foreign mobile phone to access local network. Free wi-fi is available, but not everywhere.
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