14 Reasons Why Colombia Is Worth Rushing To

Colombia is among the most biodiverse countries in the world. It's also home to the happiest and most creative people. Colombia is full of wonders and curiosities, like moving mountains, traveling libraries, and much more. Besides, it has great career opportunities.

If you haven't bought your plane tickets to Colombia yet, Bright Side will give you 14 reasons to do so. Make sure to read till the end so you don't miss anything.

1. They have one of the most popular coffees in the world.

Colombia has the perfect geography and climate to cultivate coffee, which is why this country is well-known as the third most important exporter of coffee beans. It has a lighter taste, less caffeine, and acidic notes, which makes it unique.

You can taste Colombian coffee at famous cafés in Bogotá, Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, and Santa Marta. Or you can take a trip to the Eje Cafetero, the region of the coffee farms, and drink it directly from the source.

If just drinking Colombian coffee isn't enough for you, you can visit Parque del Café, an amusement park for coffee lovers. Among the main attractions, you can ride a rollercoaster, follow a coffee path through the bushes, see the view from a cable car, ride the coffee train, and watch a folkloric coffee show.

2.There is a Colombian mountain that moves.

Contrary to the popular saying, there is actually a mountain that comes to you and it's in Colombia. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a mountain that is being tracked for showing signs of a path of 2200 km in the last 170 million years. It's a slow movement, but it's happening. We suggest you go there to see it before it runs away.

There is also a lost city that is part of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta that is older than Machu Picchu, called Ciudad Perdida. But if you wish to go there, be ready to hike for more than a day.

3. In Colombia, there is a library that travels on the backs of donkeys.

Biblioburro is a travelling library that is situated on the back of a donkey. It is responsible for book distribution in the rural communities of Colombia. The man in charge of this initiative is Luis Soriano Bohorquez, who lives in the Magdalena area and saw an opportunity to make a difference. He provides 4,000 books for children who don't have any at home and they are carried bit by bit by Alfa and Beto, his donkeys.

4. Their typical dishes vary from comfort food to exotic combinations.

Colombians love soup, they eat it before their meals and even for breakfast. So they have a huge range of types and flavors, for all kinds of preferences. You should try as many as you can, but make sure you order Changua at least once. It is a milk and egg soup that Colombians eat in the morning, with cilantro, fried onions, and bread. It's worth the experience! For street snacks, their specialty are arepas. They are corn dough that can be filled with anything you want or even eaten unfilled, they are delicious in every way.

If you are looking to try something different, in Colombia you can eat gigantic roasted ants, exotic fruits like pitaya or uchuva, and drink hot chocolate with melted cheese.

5. Nature expresses itself in many beautiful ways there.

From island paradises to the mountains, in Colombia you have many options to experience the beauty of nature. One of the most impressive examples is the Caño Cristales, a multicolored river also known as "Liquid Rainbow." With lots of rock formations and waterfalls, the 5 colors - yellow, blue, green, red, and black - come from the combination of plants, algae, and minerals. But be sure you visit it from June to November, otherwise you'll miss this beautiful phenomenon.

In Colombia you will also have the chance to swim in the clear Caribbean waters of San Andres island, bathe yourself in the mud of the Totumo Volcano, see the world from the top of Piedra del Peñol, and maybe even catch a glimpse of pink dolphins swimming in their Amazonian rivers.

6. The art in Colombia is full of bright colors and joy.

Because of their mix of cultures, Colombians express their creativity in the visual arts like no other culture. One of the most famous national artists is Fernando Botero, whose art is known for the chubby characters in his paintings and sculptures.

When it comes to street art, Bogotá is a city with lots of graffiti and other popular artistic expressions. The country's capital is also a hot spot for art, with many art galleries, libraries, museums. It's a must-see for art lovers!

For great photos, you can visit Las Lajas, a neo-gothic church placed on the Colombia-Ecuador border and also an architectural delight.

7. Their music can really put you in a better mood and so can their traditional dance.

There is no way to stand still while listening to Colombian music, their rhythms are so full of energy that you will have to get up and go to the dance floor. Colombian Salsa is a good example, but their music goes way further than that. You should definitely get to know Cumbia, Champeta, or Bambuco, among other traditional styles. Blame it on their Spanish, indigenous, and African blend of beats and instruments. It's a powerful combination that can make you shake your whole body.

8. In Colombia, you can do a lot with a little bit of money.

In Colombia, you can have lunch in a mid-range restaurant, or stay in a 4-star hotel for a fairly low price. There are different prices in every city, but it's a country with a lot of possibilities when it comes to money. There are some differences when it comes to spending money, though. For example, you don't need to tip the waiters in restaurants or bars, because the tip is included in the bill in some places.

9. It's a great option for adrenaline lovers.

You can have lots of fun and find exciting things to do in Colombia, and this includes moments with an adrenaline rush, if this is your thing. Scuba diving is among the main adrenaline-spiking activities and it will be unforgettable, for sure.

The region of Santander is the most popular for outdoor activities and extreme sports. There you can go paragliding, rafting, hiking, and many other things that'll make your heart beat faster.

10. You will only find these blue lizards in Colombia.

The threatened Blue Anole is a pure blue lizard that you can only find on Gorgona Island, in Colombia. The home of this unique creature used to have a high security prison on it, but in order to protect Blue Anole lizards and other rare species, the island is now a national park. Tourism is allowed, but with restrictions, since it's an environmental reserve.

11. A volcano bath is an unforgettable experience.

There are 15 active volcanoes in Colombia, and in one of them you can literally dive in. There is a mud volcano in Colombia that you can literally dive in. The Volcán de Lodo El Totumo is only 30 miles from Cartagena and the mud bath is a must-do. Not only for the fun of getting into a mud-filled pool, but for its known therapeutical properties. You will feel totally renewed after this experience!

12. Home to the world's tallest palm trees

Hiking at the Valle de Cocora is a great way to enjoy the mountains and waterfalls of the Los Nevados National Natural Park, and also to see the tallest palm trees in the world. They can reach up to 60 meters from the ground and are something you will never forget. No wonder Colombians have them as their national tree, they're definitely something to be proud of.

13. The Tatacoa Desert is actually a dry tropical forest.

At first glance, the Tatacoa landscape seems to be a very dry desert, with canyons and huge rocks, but it used to be a tropical forest filled with trees. What we see today is the result of a huge erosion that made it impossible for fauna and flora to adapt. If you're not into dry things, there is a swimming pool in the middle of the rock formations that will surely be very relaxing. For astronomy lovers, the Tatacoa Observatory is a great destination to see the stars and planets very clearly.

14. Colombia was nominated as one of the happiest countries in the world.

According to research that was carried by WIN/Gallup International Association, Colombia is considered to be one of the happiest places to live in the entire world. Now we know why! Colombians have a lot of amazing festivals, great music, natural landscapes that take your breath away, delicious food, and friendly countrymen that they enjoy all of this with.

Bonus: If you're a woman, you have more chances to be a boss in Colombia.

In case you are considering moving to Colombia for work, know that it is one of the top 3 countries in the world where a woman has a better chance of becoming a boss at their job. Studies show that 53% of Colombian companies' management roles are filled by women. Born to lead? Head to Colombia!

Did you know any of these facts about Colombia? If you have been to Colombia, we would love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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