15 Ordinary Things for South Korea That Made Us Feel Both Shock and Admiration

In South Korea, they not only know the secret of eternal youth (otherwise, how can they look as if they are 25 when in fact, they are 60 years old?), but they also know how to do ordinary things faster, safer, and easier. Are there any other places where there are soft columns on the roads, toe socks, or glasses for the laziest people?

Bright Side has visited the pages of popular bloggers and some Instagram accounts looking for new things from South Korea. We’ve decided to share the most interesting ones with you.

1. In parking lots they use soft columns so if an accident happens, the car won’t get damaged.

2. When you order take-out food, you will get a discount at almost any restaurant.

3. Get a stain on your favorite piece of clothing? This Korean pocket stain remover will fix the problem.

4. How to make policemen look more human

5. These toe socks will relax anyone’s feet after a difficult day.

6. Toilets have heaters, a bidet, and... a drying function.

7. There are walls between the urinals.

8. In Korean McDonald’s you can find burgers with shrimp, eggs, and bulgogi. And also, corn snacks.

9. Koreans use scissors in order to cut meat, noodles, or any other foods

10. Cotton candy is served in cups and decorated.

11. In Korea, Christianity is widespread, but the crucifixes are lit with neon lamps.

12. Korean design is not something you can easily forget. Here is the door of an ordinary cafe.

13. This is a macaron.

14. Lazy glasses are necessary when you don’t want to get up, but still want to read a book or watch a film.

15. Many cafes and restaurants have these devices: both the waiter and the guest can cook food.

What is something you wish existed where you live? Maybe Koreans will invent this thing in the future.

Preview photo credit esamoman / Instagram
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