15 People Who Made a Long Trip to Take a Fantastic Photo, but Life Had Other Plans

You are finally going on your dream vacation. Everything has been thoughtfully packed, planned, and prepared, it seems there is literally nothing that could go wrong and spoil the jaw-dropping shots you have planned. But as reality shows, life has its own sense of humor, and all we can do is take it easy and laugh at the results. Or cry a whole river — it doesn’t really matter since you can hardly change anything after-the-fact anyway.

We at Bright Side believe that many of our readers have been in these shoes too. Let’s share these moments of unfairness together.

15. When you wanted to see Mount Rushmore, but saw Mount “Rush-less:”

14. It must be really disappointing to get this photo after a 9 hour car ride.

13. Llama wasn’t impressed by this view of Machu Picchu either.

12. If seeing Big Ben is on your bucket list, this isn’t the best time to go to London.

11. When you finally managed to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge:

10. “Went on a hike today that promised stunning views.”

9. “This is me experiencing the Grand Canyon.”

8. At least this guy had a chance to take more photos.

7. “I took a 2 hour train to the wrong stop. Missed a train and made it to Mount Fuji. I wasn’t disappointed.”

6. “I guess I won’t be reaping that Norway scenery karma.”

5. We agree that “there must be a conspiracy to fogify all monuments or places of interest.”

4. Well, at least the waterfall was there.

3. “8 hour flight, 5 weeks of anticipation, and an hour long bus ride to see the Cliffs of Moher.”

2. She saw “the Alright Wall of China.”

1. When you can’t wait to see a great optical illusion, but get there a bit late:

Show us photos from your vacation where your plans took a wrong turn.

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