15+ Places Only the Bravest Travelers Will Dare to Visit

It’s time to confess that not all of us are brave tourists. In fact, some people get dizzy looking down from the 5th floor or are afraid of even thinking about mice. But there is an opinion that the best results and most enjoyable times we have are when we face our fears. If you don’t believe us, here is an article about tourists who managed to overcome the things that scare them and now have astonishing memories.

Bright Side discovered 17 real places that will strike your fancy. And believe us, stunning pictures are good, but nothing beats seeing and feeling these sites in person.

17. Maybe she’ll show up on the other side of the world.

This place is known as Jacob’s Well and located in Texas, USA. Its deepest explored point is about 140 feet. The well has a reputation of being one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world. So it is better to stay away from its deep dark caves if you want to visit this place.

16. New worlds open if we are ready to explore them.

We wish we could take a walk like this! Mirror Lake in Indonesia is meromictic. It means that water layers in it do not mix. The top layer is crystal clear and cool while the bottom layer is warm, green, and salty.

15. “I have seen this place in my dreams.”

Cenote Ik-Kil in Mexico looks magnificent. And its history is truly intriguing as well. The Mayans considered it to be a sacred place and archaeologists and speleologists found bones and jewelry in its deep waters.

14. We believe that this experience should be on everyone’s bucket list.

If sometimes you forget how small we actually are, you can try swimming with whale sharks at Derawan Island in Indonesia. The size of these creatures is about the same as a bus. And luckily, whale sharks feed on plankton and have absolutely no interest in people.

13. “Being inside an underwater cave on a single breath of air both terrifies and exhilarates me.”

If there are no breathtaking photos on your Instagram yet, we suggest you visit Hawaii. All you need is to be brave enough and stay relaxed “when the swell is building and the waves start tossing you around inside the caves.”

12. Sail away from the safe harbor into the unknown.

This cave is situated near Pula, Croatia. Some people call it “Pigeon’s Cave.” It has become popular online and someone gave detailed instructions on how to find it. Do not forget to take a flashlight if you want to go inside, people say it is very helpful.

11. We want to see the sunrise here.

At Overhanging Rock near Glacier Point, in Yosemite National Park, you will be able to touch the sky. It is perched 3,200 feet over the valley and attracts tourists from all over the world to take their “I was there” photos.

10. “Imagine thousands of sardines swimming around you, would you enjoy it?”

“The dark cloud ahead of us would catch a ray of sunshine and reveal a patch of the tiny, densely swimming fish. Soon enough we would be face to face with more than one million of these tiny flittering fish.” If you don’t just want to read about other’s experiences, but want to see the Sardine Run with your own eyes, consider heading to Moalboal.

9. “It’s easy to see from above.”

Here is one more place to stun you with its view. It is located in Sedona, Arizona. There are a lot of rock formations, and the famous Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock are among them.

8. “Anyone up for a dip?”

We are sure there are people who would like to repeat this shot. It was made at Lac Lioson in Switzerland. If you are already buying your ticket, don’t forget to pack the tools to create a hole like this.

7. A winding road into the darkness...

If you are not afraid of dark and enclosed spaces, this is going to be a worthy experience. Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico impresses people with its majesty and mystery. This is one of the oldest and most famous cave systems on our planet. There are enormous chambers filled with varied fantastic speleothems.

6. You can look into the soul of our planet.

We believe this is a place where the Snow Queen might live. These huge ice cracks and waves can be seen in Skaftafell, Iceland. Would you be scared to look down?

5. When you want to be alone for a while.

Ever feel like being alone? We found a place that is going to astonish you with its peacefulness. You can find pure silence in this place near the Canadian city of Alberta. Blue water and green trees will sing you a fresh lullaby, accompanied by the wind.

4. “Looking down into its heart and walking along the crater was one of the most surreal moments...”

The Earth is so alive. And there is a great opportunity to find confirmation of this in Indonesia. Would you have the courage to look down into an active volcano? Mount Bromo is 7,641 ft high and covers curious tourists with ash, from head to toe.

3. We feel like the Earth is looking at us.

The Earth’s eye was spotted in Beliz. It’s called the Great Blue Hole and it is a “must-dive” for thousands of brave tourists around the world. The hole is circular, over 984 ft across and 410 ft deep.

2. “Catch the trade winds in your sails.”

Is there anyone who did not like swinging in childhood? Over time we probably all outgrew it, but no need to feel sad about that. There is a swing with a beautiful view at the Pichincha Volcano. Would you be afraid to climb this one?

It’s safe.

1. Do you want to feel like the plaything of some monster?

We would never think that people might seek out these experiences, but there are no limits to people’s craziness. If you are eager to share an underwater environment with a Saltwater crocodile who could be about 3 times bigger than you, you are welcome to visit Crocosaurus Cove in Australia.

Do you prefer to test your nerves or stay away from any adrenaline-releasing activities? What is the scariest place that you have ever visited, that turned out to be an enjoyable experience? Add your favorite exhilarating places to the list in the comments!

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