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21 utterly magnificent doors from around the world

Functional, solid, and welcoming, we tend not to give them a second thought. A literal gateway between one place and the next, there is a majestic mystery in what wonders might be found behind a closed door. Bright Side have curated a selection of the most beautiful and unusual doors from around the world, from the regal, to the rustic and the downright magnificent.

1. Yongle, Sechuan Province, China

You can almost feel the ancient wisdom emanating from behind this door.

2. Grenada, Spain 

The door with the prettiest floral frame.  

3. Rajasthan, India 

This one's positively palatial!

4. Dar Tout, Senegal 

This doorway has definitely nailed the dip-dye trend.  

5. Reykjavik, Iceland 

Where does the wall end and the door begin? Pinkomania! 

6. Barcelona, Spain

 If Elmer the Patchwork Elephant lived in a house, not the jungle...

7. The Cotswolds, England 

Chocolate-box idyllic, picture postcard ready and practically perfect in every way. 

8. Venice, Italy 

This is one door you wouldn't want to open when sleepwalking!  

9. Lisbon, Portugal 

Completely magical.

10. Oaxaca, Mexico 

Get the margaritas ready, we're heading home. 

11. Paris, France 

Graffiti has never looked so beautiful.

12. Serra do Almurtão, Portugal 

Sometimes there is magnificance in simplicity.

13. Innsbruck, Austria 

There is something deeply satisfying about this geometric precision with a stone surround. 

14. Rabat, Morocco 

A true labour of love.

15. Old City, Jerusalem 

Entirely sublime.

16. Tudela, Spain 

Looks like there are wisps of magic surrounding this door that even the dog can sense.

17. Pamiers, France 

The pots would have to be that big to do a door like this justice.

18. Jodhpur, India 

Now that's a door we want to knock on!

19. Chefchaouen, Morocco

A relaxing welcome home after a long day haggling at the souk.

20. Algarve, Portugul 

A riot of colour.

21. Miami, Florida, USA 

Giving directions would be easy if we lived here. 

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