22 Things That Make Us Want to Teleport to Switzerland Right Now

Yes, you probably know that Switzerland has Alpine mountains, reliable banks and a lot of chocolate. But you probably didn’t know some of the more strange and crazy facts about this country. For example, you probably didn’t know that they have fondue vending machines, that there are cows literally on every street, and that they sell the biggest Toblerone bars on the planet!

We at Bright Side have collected 22 Swiss quirks that you may enjoy so much you’ll want to go there immediately.

1. They have free Lindor chocolate at the stations.

2. They believe unicorns exist and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

3. Horses are an actual means of transportation in the city.

4. They have cows everywhere!

5. No, literally everywhere.

6. There’s a slight chance you’ll find a fox hiding in your bathroom.

7. Dogs have to get a ticket to travel around here.

8. Thought they only had cows everywhere? You were wrong!

9. They have actual working bus stops at the tops of mountains.

10. And they have the most gigantic Toblerones in every store.

11. They sell Swiss army chocolate on a daily basis.

12. Swiss stores have the longest chocolate aisles.

13. And Switzerland has some of the best warning signs.

14. If you’re a fan of Starbucks, welcome to the Starbucks train!

15. And they have the weirdest means of transportation on the planet.

16. Some people think this is how cows are transported to the Alps.

17. They made slides for kids on the train.

18. Swiss cheese vending machines are the most fun ever.

19. In addition to cheese vending machines, there are also ones that sell fondue!

20. Their public benches have cushions.

21. There are kids’ scooters all over the place.

22. And yes it is, in fact, the richest country on the planet.

If you know any other interesting facts about Switzerland, please share them in the comments below.

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